Sharing Images On The Forums Using A Hosting Site

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Sharing Images On The Forums Using A Hosting Site

Post by Nicky » Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:08 pm

Hi everyone

Adding attachments/images to posts is granted to all normal user's except Newly Registered Users.

However, all users can share images via an image uploading and hosting website. This is probably the best way of sharing images on the forums.

The best and most simple site to facilitate this is TinyPic

The steps to successfully do this is as follows:

1) You must have the image saved onto your computer. Internet images can easily be saved from the net onto your machine (of course, ensure that if the image is copyrighted, that you obtain permission from the owner before sharing).

2) Click "Choose file" and select the image file from your machine that you would like to share.

3) You can add a tag word to your image if you would like to (a one word description of the image for example) but this is not necessary.

4) For "File Type" select "Image"

5) For the "Resize" dropdown box option, select "Message Board (640 x 480)"

6) For the "Share" option, you can leave this unchecked

7) Click the "Upload Now" green box

8) You may then be prompted to solve an automated bot protection puzzle - if so, follow the instructions.

9) The image has now been hosted. Find the "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" box and simply copy the code and paste it straight into wherever you would like the image to appear in your post.




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