Hi from Sheridan, Australia

Say Hi to everyone - we’d love to get to know you
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Hi from Sheridan, Australia

Post by Sheridan » Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:25 am

Hi Everyone.

At the end of 2008 my partner and I attended our first seminar with Cornelius and AJ in Brisbane and I was totally blown away, leaving on a massive high thinking it was the most amazing experience ever.
Since that time my passion has waxed and waned and on this day the truth is I haven’t changed much at all, I’m mostly resistive and I don’t really have a relationship with God. I used to pride myself on my ability to not cry or be emotional so the step of putting these truths into action and just feeling is one I seem to kick and fight every step of the way. But I know a tiny weeny part of my soul believes in God’s love and Gods truth and I don’t want to give up.
I’ve been fearfully hiding as a guest on this forum for many months, but I truthfully, really want to be involved. I have already been inspired and moved in so many ways from what others have shared on this forum, so many thanks to all of you. Thank you Nicky for creating this website and forum. I’m looking forward to participating in whatever way I can.


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Re: Hi from Sheridan, Australia

Post by LauraR » Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:21 pm

Good morning from California Sheridan,
I am tired and bleary eyed but happy to say hello and welcome to the group. Like you, I used to pride myself on not feeling emotion or at least not letting it show. It has been difficult to allow the emotion instead of trying to stuff it. I'm still trying to break the habit. This site has certainly helped and I am grateful for the ability to connect with so many different people on many different land masses :D

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Re: Hi from Sheridan, Australia

Post by Rita » Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:56 pm

Hi Sheridan & Laura,

I used to pride myself too to not feel any pain, never to cry and not be emotional.
Thank you for mentioning this.

And I was so proud of it and thought that's such a great achievement. Of course that's what I taught my children. I found a letter years ago from my eldest daughter when she was at Uni '.... yes mum I know not cry... it's all just in the mind....'.

I feel so ashamed that in fact I got everything inside out and upside down. In God's loving view.
While having been so so sure of myself what good mum I was.

Thinking of all the achievements. My own and my children's. And thinking of all the striving to do my utmost best always. Was all wrong and misguided. And in avoidance of what's in my soul. The pain and shame and anger and hatred. Not that I know now what's in my soul. I have just a faint idea and it grows slowly to more and more certainty.

It's a relief to see the world and myself with new eyes.
It is sad but it is real and comforting.

I think the comfort comes from knowing that it stays. It's not one guru's way and then the next guru's view (have had many all my life).

It's God's Way.
And it is full of hope and love like nothing before.
And it goes deep like nothing before.


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Re: Hi from Sheridan, Australia

Post by Nicky » Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:17 pm

Hi Sheridan

Welcome to the forum. It is so great to see that you have taken the step to register and share yourself with others.

I really hope that you can benefit from your time here and that it may offer you some assistance in your development.

Nice to meet you.


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