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Re: Hello everybody!

Post by Nicky » Thu Aug 27, 2015 3:03 pm

Hi Everyone

Following Justin's severely unloving behaviour on this thread, I have acted and he is now banned from the forums for the protection and safety of everyone else.

You can learn read about my reasoning by visiting the Strikes forum category if you so wish.

Victoria, I feel this is a great opportunity for you feel about what has happened here. God is showing you through the Law of Attraction an area of potential growth for you.

Further to this, I have made a slight amendment to the terms of use to reflect something I felt necessary to tweak to a degree.

You can visit this post by following the below link:


Cheers guys


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Re: Hello everybody!

Post by victoria » Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:53 pm

Hi Nicky, thanks for the update to the guidelines.

I'll no longer address what I feel is unloving behaviour. I will now go direct to you Nicky, if it should occur again.

Justin is in a rage at me as a result of me acting in truth and love by removing him from my group. Sometimes we can be attacked just for being in truth. I don't feel this particular incident is an opportunity for growth for me; I wasn't angry or upset by what Justin said. I was more surprised. I didn't believe anything he said about me and I don't feel any of it is true.

Certainly in the past when I have been attacked etc. by men it has been an opportunity for growth, but I just wanted to reply that I don't feel this is.



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