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Hi there

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 6:54 pm
by Felicitas
Hi may name is Felicitas Feigl
I am currently based in Germany, Munich, were I was born in 1975. I discovered Divine Truth in August 2011, via a YouTube video on facebook, while pining after my potential soulmate. At that time, I had left London, were I used to live for over 10 years, plans for my life had suddenly collapsed and I felt very unsure about my life and life on earth in general ( just pre 2012, reg. earth changes etc). I was also longing for truth, after I felt disillusioned with all the other paths I had investigated for the past 10 years, in hope to heal my pain and to be truly happy. Once I discovered the first DT video, I watched a lot of DT videos in a very short time and after my own experience receiving a little of Gods love I knew I couldn't continue with what I was doing and that I had to let go of the 'spiritual teachings' I had been passing on to others as a kundalini yoga teacher and other new age teachings I planned to practice. I knew that it was not in harmony with Divine truth and that I would harm myself and others if I would continue. As a result I felt at a complete loss and empty regarding my future life direction.

Attracted by the Gods Way organization, with the longing to heal and to learn how to connect to God, the longing to connect with like minded people and to find a new direction my desire brought me to Australia, Kingaroy in 2012. During my time there I felt intensely triggered, and most of the time I felt unable and to afraid to really get into emotional processing and beyond my facade and hurt self.
After 3 month I returned to Germany, with the longing to take full responsibility for myself, to grow in love and my relationship with God. I went through a phase of depression and emptiness as I wasn't able to feel my desires and was paralyzed by anger (mainly towards myself and my parents as well as life and God) and fear. I stopped being in contact with my parents and honestly looked at the abusive relationship it was, which triggered and still is triggering a lot of emotions.

There are more and more moments of awareness now, were I can feel my capping emotions and when I am in facade and addictions, and there are times when I can be humble, long to connect with God and long to receive his love.
However a lot of times, esp. with potential or illusionary soulmates I have been totally unconscious of my unloving demanding behavior and addictions. Watching the Divine Truth videos, the assistance group videos and also the new just recent ones, helps me to reflect and I can identify with so many issues.

I noticed that in my personal everyday life I have difficulties trusting people's feedback and that I feel very untrusting of people's 'good' intentions in general. Therefor I feel grateful that this transparent forum exists. I want to be open for feedback and to interact and participate with the intention to learn and grow in love.
I feel very grateful for all the Divine Truth resources and for Jesus and Mary's presence and tireless desire to share Divine Truth with us all.
My dream is that I truly integrate the way and live my life in harmony with God's laws and God's Love so that I can share Gods way with others at some point as well.

Thank you Nicky for creating this space, where we all can learn and grow in love, and for your work maintaining it.


Re: Hi there

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:34 pm
by Benjamingp
Hi Felicitas,

it is nice to know that there are more people in the near (Munich is just about 2 hrs apart from Innsbruck, where i´m living) interested in DT. I feel some similarities between what you are describing how you feel about DT and my experiences.

Especially this on and off in being at a "loving state" or an "aware state", and being in denial. I feel too that it is my intention, my "high goal", to live in harmony with gods truth, and as i become aware at times, inside myself i know that there is no other option. That is great, because as we progress in love live becomes better and better. But it is a big challenge to be truthful and humble to the last consequence.

I´m curious how you (and others) "found" the DT videos if you like to share.

nice to meet you,

Re: Hi there

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:46 am
by Nicky
Hi Felicitas

Welcome to the forum. It does seem like you have had quite a journey since you first came across Divine Truth, particularly the part about following your desire and travelling to QLD, where you learnt much more about yourself as a result.

I hope you find your engagement with the forum beneficial to your future progress.

Nice to meet you.


Re: Hi there

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:57 am
by Felicitas
Hi Nicky

Yes it was quite a journey.
Thank you for your warm welcome and all the great work you are doing.

Nice to meet you here. I am looking forward to meet you in person one day.


Re: Hi there

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:48 am
by Felicitas
Hi Benjamin

I can relate to that there is no other option than having living in harmony with God's truth as your highest aim.
I feel it is the same for me, there is no return, and it is not just a dream, as I wrote above, it is my heart's highest aim.

To your question how I found the DT videos: I came across a DT video on soulmates and earth changes on Facebook.
Bless Facebook, I found great things on there, with Divine Truth being the best ever.
That does not make me loyal to fb so, and I do intend to leave it one day.
I have the feeling my attraction to divine truth started a long time ago, already when I was a child, as I always saw Jesus as a role model and felt a strong connection to him. In 2007 I came across Benjamin Creme's share international foundation. They were telling people about the second coming of Christ and that he would be very active and would help humanity on many levels. They were giving out pictures of Jesus's hand, which I treasured for many years.

It is nice to meet you here and yes Insbruck is not far away at all, it would feel good to meet you in person if you are in Munich one day.


Re: Hi there

Posted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 3:37 pm
by Benjamingp
Thanks for sharing Felicitas.

I´m in Munich approximately once or twice a year. May be thats a good chance for meeting and sharing Divine Truth. Let´s trust in the law of attraction.

Have a nice time