Hi from Mia!

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Hi from Mia!

Post by Mianoel » Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:56 pm

Hello Everyone!

My name is Mia Schmallenbach. Thank you so much Nicki for creating the hub and the forum! Needless to say, I have been relentlessly watching AJ and Mary videos and feel very friendly towards so many people here, even though you haven't met me. And I am so grateful for the honesty everyone has dared, as it helps others immensely.
I came across DT back in 2009 when a visitor gave us a DVD. I grew up with new age type philosophies and techniques. I was afraid AJ was going to be yet another dead end. But the Secrets of the universe DVD's blew me way. But it was not until 3 years later, during childbirth that i sincerely prayed. I then introduced my husband to the DVD's, and discovered there were 400 hours + of additional videos online. We have been working our way through many things. He has come to assistance group 1 in Australia, and I have registered for one next year. I believe my husband is my soulmate. It has not been easy but our desire for honesty and truth, along with inspiration from what AJ and Mary have been sharing about their relationship, has been helping us focus on addressing our addictions, each breakthrough seems to provoke a related breakthrough with the other, and we are slowly growing closer.
Most importantly, the motor for my desire to love has been triggered by becoming a parent. Before that, I had little motivation in that direction, and would have defended my addictions and expectations above everything. It's been like a second chance to learn about love, and I am so grateful for the work of all those spreading DT. I want to address my addiction for approval, connect with my true desires, and recognise when I am actually facing fear (I thought I knew about it, but realise I don't). Looking forward to using this forum!

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Re: Hi from Mia!

Post by Nicky » Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:11 pm

Hi Mia

Welcome to the forum.

I hope you find the time spent here helpful in your development.

Nice to meet you.


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