Red Strike (& Ban) - Alan

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Red Strike (& Ban) - Alan

Post by Lena » Sun Jan 24, 2016 4:57 am


I have decided to issue Alan with a Red Strike and to ban his account for the time being.
Alan's strike is very similar to the recently issued Red Strike to Reed, who as a result was banned from the forum too.

My initial feeling was to mute Alan's account, due to his big addiction to have a freedom of beeing abusive, as he stated in his post.
However due to many additional reasons that will be listed below, I now feel it is best to ban Alan's account.

I feel Alan has breached the following sections of the terms of use that constitute a red strike:
• Personal attack/abuse of myself, Jesus, Mary or another member in
terms of physical appearance, character, nature or personality
• Condescension, arrogance, belittlement and/or humiliation towards
either myself or another member
• Judgemental responses to any content posted by either myself or
another member
• Projection of anger and/or rage towards either myself or another
The decision was made based on the exchange Alan has engaged in on this post:

He has received a warning from myself on the issue of wanting to project anger and disapproval to the admin of the forum, and choosing to continue to attack Nicky under impression of asking a question, which is very manipulative.

Alan has also remained on the forum, while he has felt deep disapproval and judgement about how the forum has been moderated. This is not only dishonest on his part, but also is unloving as the emotions he has been projecting at the admin for every action they took have been received and felt even though he has not written anything about it in public.

At the moment, Alan feels it is OK to attack people, project anger/rage, condescension as well as remain very arrogant and manipulative throughout. It is good that Alan has decided to be honest about how he feels what is not good is how he has chosen to do that.

His latest interaction with myself has exposed to me his true intentions and motivations, none of which are in harmony with Divine Truth as Jesus & Mary teach it to be. There is very little humility and desire at present to self-reflect on the warning I have issued him as he has chosen to criticise and attack.

Alan has felt it appropriate to post his criticism, particularly after listening to the audio feedback recording concerning Nicky, myself & Eloisa from Mary/Jesus Nicky made available for everyone to listen to only a few days ago.

Alan stated that he had listened to it in his post and has since chosen to use what was shared (Nicky, Lena & Eloisa's current shortcomings) out of context to launch into an attack of predominantly at Nicky, by attempting to prey on Nicky's current flaws to his advantage. When he engages in this way, it gives him the feelings of superiority, power as well as feeding his quite large addiction to arrogance and justification of any of his unloving actions which he swiftly justifies as a "freedom of speech and expression". Ironically I feel a lot of Alan's rage is due to the feelings he currently has and is not expressing with authority in his life-country and not with "authority" on this forum.

I feel that Alan has some major issues with authority and can not handle to follow any guidance or rules, even if they are in his best interests and in interest of other people. If Alan wants to develop his relationship with God, he will need to seriously look at his justifications to rage at authority and rebelling against any rules, as God's laws are very precise and they do judge our actions as loving or unloving. God is an authority, a loving one, and forever guiding one, who we can not connect to, if we do not learn how to listen to him and how to adjust our own reasoning if its out of harmony with the laws of love.

As a result, Alan's account will now be banned, until he has a desire to exercise his will in a loving manner.



P.S. Nicky has also noted to me the following:
... In all 7 of Alan's posts on the forum to date, he has not once disclosed ANY information about himself OR taken the time to introduce himself to everyone. His posts have been very short in nature and I feel he is very resistive to sharing himself in an open manner with others. He is basically almost acting in anonymity (apart from providing us with his alleged first name) whilst attacking us (mostly myself) for being open and transparent about our own issues by sharing Mary's audio feedback therefore acting pretty hypocritically. Himself and Reed have basically completely taken Mary's feedback out of context I reckon.

After following up on a gut feeling that I had from feeling Alan's posts they reminded me of a previous user that I had banned 4-5 months ago. I ran an IP check on "Alan" and have found that he is actually "Houston" whom I banned on the 3rd September 2015 for attacking Jesus.

Strike thread below:


He created the account "Alan" on this very same day that I red striked his "Houston" account which I feel further demonstrates his lack of sincerity/transparency in choosing to deliberately break the forum terms of use and falsify his identity. He basically freaked out when I enforced the anonymity terms of use back then which directly challenges his facade/lack of humility in a big way.


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