Amber Strike/Red Strike - Jennifer B

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Amber Strike/Red Strike - Jennifer B

Post by Mary » Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:01 am


I have issued an AMBER STRIKE to Jennifer Brownson for addictive use of the forum. In a number of posts Jennifer has been making comments in her façade. She has an addiction to appearing to others to be doing her emotional work. This is evidenced in some of her comments such as:
"Here come the tears."
And in this post:
"Again ideas are coming up: Perhaps since spirits can only easily see a person in the spirit world of equal or lesser development (like different spheres), maybe there wouldn't be quite as much observing going on from spirits less loving than the person praying. Whereas on Earth if I am remembering correctly, just about any spirit can (once they know how to come here) see someone praying here. And because most of us are still in the first sphere on Earth, perhaps that is not a big factor yet.

When I pray for another person, like... "God, Would you do whatever you can and use my love for Angela (my friend who has cancer) in any way you can to assist her to grow her desire for Truth and her desire to feel the root cause of her cancer"... does that have the same effect (other than the faith factor) basically if prayed from here as there?

Haha It is fun to notice the opportunity for developing our channeling abilities as we participate on this forum! I don't write much normally... perhaps I should do some of the channeling exercises Jesus suggests!I look forward to hearing input from the group. Prayer is one of my favorite topics."
Jennifer's motivation for posting in this case was not to ask a sincere question but to 'show off' what she perceives are her abilities in self reflection and mediumship.

While Jennifer has acknowledged on the forum the feedback that Jesus and I have previously given her regarding her arrogance, she is still quite addicted to wanting to appear knowledgeable, and to maintaining a façade of humility, rather than embracing a truly humble state.

I have also issued her with a RED STRIKE for her posting and responses to David in this thread: ... f=39&t=196

In this thread Jennifer

1. Became very arrogant and defensive with David (Alkhemist) when he offered a kind, sincere and truthful response to her question. She projected at David that he was talking down to her when in fact he was being very respectful in his postings.
"Hi Alkhemst, Actually I did understand what you were saying. I just didn't feel the need to respond to all of it. It was your mention of spirit friends that made me realize something I hadn't thought of. And I wasn't implying or even thinking it is better to wait until we pass. I am all for doing the work here on Earth in the training ground, as you described. Not that I am all that successful at clearing things, ha ha, but I keep working at it."
2. She also then went on to state that she had dealt with the issue that arose for her in response to David's post
"I feel much better, rather light hearted about it now."
However her other comments demonstrate that she was still very angry with David.

This comment is very condescending:
"You didn't know you were going to provide such a service to me did you!?"
In the following comments Jennifer is defensive, accusing David of misinterpreting her. She is condescending and accuses David of having issues with feeling unheard or misunderstood. This is a way to try to blame David for her angry reaction and to deflect from herself by including him as someone who also "has issues":
"So, in your first reply, the reason I did not respond to your comments about God wanting a relationship with our souls, and the Earth being the training ground is because I totally agree! I found it ironic that you interpreted my lack of comment to mean that I did not understand you or perhaps that I disagreed. Not at all. I actually use the analogy of the training ground myself when discussing Truths with others too. Perhaps we both have errors around feeling unheard or misunderstood?"
She continues to be defensive (rather than humble) in this paragraph:
"I know I said "I am not all that successful at clearing things", but I have actually become very passionate about God and having a relationship with Her/Him now while on Earth, and growing in desire to know my spirit friends too. I pray and feel deeply with God every day, and I plan to live a long life, so by the time I get to the spirit world (and maybe I will even be at one with God!--like I said, a LONG life ha ha) I would hope that it will be just as awesome as I imagine it can be (or better!), but only if we are in a good condition. Like all of the spirit world, the structure of even the hells is totally loving, but from what I have read and heard from Jesus and Mary, the hells can be pretty hellish, so I have no desire to be in the spirit world (any more than I have to be while asleep!) while I am in the condition I am currently in!"
She also then accuses David of turning the discussion into one about her emotions. However David clearly stayed on topic and was only attempting to assist Jennifer to understand what he was explaining (which was a correct interpretation of Divine Truth). Jennifer was triggered emotionally and instead of acknowledging that this was exposing an error within herself she become defensive and blaming towards David. She also accuses David of being spirit influenced.
"Lastly I want to say that even though this wasn't the deepest of topics to start, I noticed that we moved the focus of this discussion away from Prayer and Truth (who knows where it could lead?) and towards an analysis of my emotions. I didn't feel good about that. What do you think about that? Perhaps some spirit influence? Certainly I think it has been a good outcome for me as I got to feel lots of emotions (and like I said before, I will keep going with those feelings), but it seems like it took a turn that might make it less inviting for others to participate in. Or perhaps this is perfect! Thank you, David for this exercise. Cheers."
3. Nicky has informed me that Jennifer also sent a private email to him accusing David of being unloving with her. David was in fact being loving and sincere in his responses. It was Jennifer who was being unloving towards David.

Jennifer has been listening to Divine Truth for many years now and on many occasions has resisted humbly examining her own emotions when she feels challenged. Her response to David in this thread indicates that she has done little work in developing her ability to self reflect about her emotions and her true condition. She still wishes to blame others rather than to acknowledge her own errors.

This interaction was an opportunity to recognize that her angry emotional response to David was because one of her addictions was being challenged. However she did not take this opportunity and instead chose to blame David.

I have emailed Jennifer with this feedback and stated that she is welcome to reapply to the forum once she has worked through the reasons for her very unloving behaviour towards David.

David, you did nothing to deserve this harsh treatment from Jennifer.

Obviously however your acceptance of blame and anger projections from women is something that Jesus has attempted to raise with you in the past and has a large bearing on your unhappiness. In the past you have completely ignored his comments to you about this and yet this interaction here on the forum is another attraction demonstrating this injury within your soul.

I also observe that, not only were you very kind with Jennifer (which is lovely), but you also took the time to self reflect when she prompted you to:
"Happy to answer the questions you have about me as best I can for now:

- The feeling of being unheard and misunderstood has come up before a fair bit, so that's a factor definitely.
- Seems I sounded too sure of my interpretations, something definitely for me to look at much more
- spirit influence, well I reckon there's more an addiction to approval for me (here, there and everywhere!), more than those things above bit while all that's driving me I'm certainly wide open to influence. So I can't discount that at all.

Hope that clarifies some things and I'm glad you found something worthwhile for you in this too. It's certainly hard when someone comes along and points something out about us, whether its right or wrong - as you said the law of attraction helps us to self assess more deeply about ourselves and eventually feel more too - which I find at least good to know when I don't know what's going on!"
While I see this as a humble response, I notice that you seem to be willing to self reflect at the direction of an angry woman but you resist doing so when a loving man prompts you to. This is obviously an issue that will impede your growth towards God.

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