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How to?

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:08 pm
by Cari M
Good day, Nicky!

This is a question as opposed to feedback per se and I wasn't sure where to post it. I am new at messing in forums. I see that many people have like a highlighted, quoted bubble so to speak when the respond to someones post of their previous words. How do you go about doing it in that highlighted bubble format?

I want to do this correctly?

Thank you in advance and again for all that you do!

Have a great day!


Re: How to?

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:22 pm
by Nicky
Hi Cari

It probably would have been best if you just dropped me a private message or email rather than posting here as what you have posted is not related to this section of the forum. The "Assistance" section would have been an appropriate place to ask not just myself, but the other forum members how to do this and I am sure they would have offered you help.

However, since you have posted here and addressed me directly, with regards to your query, there are a number of ways you can quote somebody else's post or part of their post:

1) When typing your own post, you can click the "Quote" button that is seen at the top of the text box (next to the bold, italic and underline buttons). You can then copy and paste the part of somebody else's post that you'd like to quote in your own post between the two brackets that look like this quote]paste here[quote
2) Alternately, when typing your post up in the comment box, you can scroll down and read the other posts that have already been posted in the thread. You can find the section of somebody else's post that you'd like to quote and simply highlight it and then click on the quotation marks icon in the top right hand corner of their post. This will then add this part of their own post to your own.

There is also a preview button (next to the submit button) where you can see how your post will look before you actually submit it to the forum so you can quite easily go through the process of learning how it's done.

I feel that this is a good opportunity to also offer you some personal feedback about what I have noticed and can feel from you since you joined the forum.

Firstly, the question you posted here has actually been driven by a fear of yours about not wanting to get something "wrong" or making a mistake. Rather than experimenting and opening yourself up to the potential of maybe doing it incorrectly, you acted to avoid your fear by making this thread and wanting somebody to show you how it's done rather than going through your own process of learning how to do it. A lot of my own forum time is spent browsing the site, observing and addressing potential issues of love, offering feedback (as this is my main responsibility as admin) and sharing stuff that may assist others rather than explaining a few of the forum features to others. I have actually already created a number of guides/walkthrough's in the "Announcements" section of the forum as a way of offering assistance to newcomers should they not understand certain features and would like to learn more to hopefully give me more time to go about conducting my own tasks. While I have not created a guide on how to quote people, that is not really relevant to what I'm saying here.

I have seen that you have a tendency to offer encouragement and try to "cheer" others up in your posts. Although I feel you are not actually being condescending when doing this, others may perceive it as this and I can understand why they might (all be it, inaccurately). There is an addiction within you at wanting to do this to others and I feel a lot of this has probably been exacerbated during the many years you spent in the military. Of course, when you begin to feel about this addiction and track it down to it's source, there will be quite an amount of grief there for you to feel.

Finally, you are posting at a very fast rate and are using the forum quite addictively at times, bearing in mind you only joined less than a week ago. I feel you do this to help you avoid the feelings of being alone and the excessive posting (addiction) is a way of avoiding that feeling (fear/grief).

Although I feel you are passionate and enthusiastic about Divine Truth and being a part of the forum (and it is really cool that you are all of these things), I felt it was important for me to raise the above with you to help maybe point a few things out to you that you might not have necessarily previously been aware of.



Re: How to?

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:28 pm
by Cari M

Thank you for taking the time to provide your response and feedback. I am very sorry that I was not more diligent in trying to find how to do this. Also just posting this to you directly was absolutely not necessary either, I see now how it was unloving of me to just post this out to you especially after you explained what all it is that you do. There are a bunch of other ways I could've gone about figuring this out for sure.

Also you are correct in your assessments as well. I did always give words of encouragement to my Soldiers, because somehow I felt like I needed to do that to help them get through their days, because they did not have a lot of love and support. I never actually considered that as an addiction, but I can see now how that is as well. There is definitely a huge shift here for me and a lot more addictions just in reference to that part of my life than I believe I even realize.

Yes, I have been posting quite a lot on here. It has been a long time since I could communicate with people on an sort of spiritual and I do have a lot to feel about being out here alone. I really, really do.

I am grateful for the opportunity to get this feedback as it is not always easy to see myself and there are many times that I believe my intentions are good, but I am totally clueless to how they are received or that they could be an addiction, fear, etc.

Again, thank you my brother!


Re: How to?

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:37 pm
by Cari M

I wanted to make sure that I addressed every issue you mentioned and I missed one. I did ask the question out of a fear of getting something wrong and that is why I created the question. Avoiding the fear or even taking the time to do more work into finding the answer. So in avoiding my fear I was unloving to you asking you to do it for me. Again, I am sorry for that as well.

Thank you!