Comparing teachings to identify Divine Truth and Love?

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Comparing teachings to identify Divine Truth and Love?

Post by Anneli » Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:19 am

I'm wondering if there could be a good use for a board where it's possible to compare what other public teachers share about love and truth, to what we learn (more and more) about God's truths?

Like Byron Katie, she is widely recognized for her teachings where she (by being overcloaked?) has discovered how it's our thoughts about the reality that is causing us to feel the pain about it. For a few years I was aware of her 4 questions, I used them at times and noticed that it was a good relief to find that "Oh, it's my thoughts about this that makes me feel bad about it". Now, however, I fully realize that this was not the truth about what is going on in our souls - we can surely change our attititude towards things, but to dodge pain by changing our point of view is just not making us progress at all.

It feels as if such a "comparison board" could make it easier for anyone who has not yet heard many enough of the nuances and "gotten to the core idea" of God's love and truth, to discern what it is and what it's not? We often find these other teachers when searching for the actual truth, and it's easy to not be able to fully separate the truths from the false, when we haven't yet begun or come so far in releasing our emotional injuries.

What do you feel about it?

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Re: Comparing teachings to identify Divine Truth and Love?

Post by Nicky » Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:37 pm

Hi Anneli

Thanks for the suggestion. I do not feel as though this would be beneficial to add to the forums as it may start to confuse a lot of people hearing different spiritual thoughts and ideas, especially as this forum has been set up for people to discuss the Divine Love Path and it's principles specifically. Many of us are already confused as it is with things never mind trying to confuse us all more! :lol:

Also, I feel that doing this could open up the possibility of people who agree with the teachings of these other teachers to register to the forums here and it could promote all sorts of arguments and bickering between the people on different spiritual paths which I feel would not really help those here who are committed to the Divine Love path.

I would advise if anyone did want to look into the stuff you are suggesting, that you do it privately.

I will now lock this thread.




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