Update to the Terms of Use - 24/11/2015 (PUBLICIZING PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE)

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Update to the Terms of Use - 24/11/2015 (PUBLICIZING PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE)

Post by Nicky » Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:22 pm

Hi everyone

I have made a very slight amendment to the terms of use that I felt was best to inform you all about so you

It is concerning the potentiality of publicizing any private emails AND/OR private messages I receive to help in demonstrating disciplinary action that I take in the future (issuing strikes) so that others can learn from the interaction. I am hoping this will provide a real and clear example of how unloving behaviour is dealt with in a loving manner.

So for this reason going forward, any private messages or emails that you send me may be publicised on the forum for the intention of demonstrating lessons in love and to further highlight why I felt it was necessary to issue such a warning/strike, should the situation present itself.

Thanks for your time.



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