Update to the Terms of Use - 13/09/2015 (IMMORAL/UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR)

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Update to the Terms of Use - 13/09/2015 (IMMORAL/UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR)

Post by Nicky » Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:10 pm

Hi Everyone

I have found it necessary to update the terms of use to prohibit the following behaviour:

Encouraging immoral, unethical or addictive behaviour – particularly if done under the guise of investigating God’s Laws or practicing Divine Truth principles.

If anybody is found to breach the above, it will now result in a RED STRIKE

This kind of behaviour if exhibited, is very damaging to the person in question. Furthermore, the effects of this can be exacerbated if the person engages in expressing and sharing this on the forums which may influence others into following the same course of unloving action. There is a heavy facade in engaging in this type of behaviour and it actually shows a large degree of denial and resistance in looking sincerely within yourself to tackle your emotional injuries. Of course, because of this, you are wide open to all kinds of negative suggestion and influence from spirits.

I have decided to make these very necessary updates to the terms of use to protect the members of the community as a result of the following content within this thread:


I'd like to thank Jesus & Mary for bringing this very important matter to my attention. Since they shared this suggestion with me, I have reflected and as a result, have found it essential to incorporate and enforce these terms here on the forums.




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