Update to the Terms of Use - 02/09/2015 (ANONYMITY)

Link to the forum terms of use document - STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that all users read & understand before posting! - All updates to these terms will be communicated here
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Update to the Terms of Use - 02/09/2015 (ANONYMITY)

Post by Nicky » Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:54 pm

Hi Everyone

Following the nature of the banning of "SoulDeep_" yesterday, I have found it necessary and prudent to update the site terms of use. I advise that you take a look and re-acquaint yourselves by following the below link:

http://www.divinetruthhub.com/wp-conten ... cument.pdf

The changes all revolve around the area of ANONYMITY.

To any current members who have registered using a nickname and have not yet introduced themselves, I invite you to engage in this activity. As you may have seen on the terms of use document, if you do not come forward and do this, between now and the next TWO DAYS (or two days from the next time you are logged into the forums since the date of this announcement, it will result in an automatic RED STRIKE being given to you.

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable with this or refuse to fulfil these new requirements, please email me directly at nicky@divinetruthhub.com or send me a forum private message informing me so that I can change your member status to “guest” which will revoke your posting rights.

This update has been made because upon receiving guidance from Jesus & Mary and reflecting on this topic, I have decided that it is in everybody's best interests that anonymity is not to be allowed here. I feel love, truth and humility would dictate that if somebody was sincere in progressing towards God, they would naturally be open, transparent and willing to share themselves with others. This would mean that they would more than likely register to the site/forum with a full name, first name, first name and initial OR register with a nickname and take the time to introduce themselves to the community so everybody else can get to know them.

The internet can be a pretty shady place and it's always hard to guarantee that you are speaking to the person they claim to be. One of the main reasons and motivations I had when creating this site and forum was so that I could create an online community of people who were SINCERE and HUMBLE in terms of their desire to progress on the Divine Love Path. I feel that it is about acting in a spirit of transparency and people who register to the site and forums whilst remaining anonymous simply do not meet this criteria.

In fact, anonymous users are already out of harmony with "The Way" as they are already not being truthful about themselves and their identity as well as abusing the trust of the other sincere members of the community who have been open and transparent about themselves. Because of this, I believe that there is a high likelihood of anonymous members participating on the forums for ulterior motives such as wanting to have addictions met of feeling superior/having power over others as well as displaying a facade of arrogance and "knowledge" of Divine Truth.

Some people may want to be anonymous due to a fear of being associated with Divine Truth which in itself, is another issue of humility that a person should self-reflect about.

Of course, as we are using the internet, it is almost impossible to be sure that someone is being genuine about themselves. However, once they start posting and engaging with the community, it will become pretty apparent to me what their intentions are (even if they register with a name or nickname and introduce themselves untruthfully) by what I can feel coming from them.

I feel this is for the protection and benefit to every single member of the site. If any of you do notice somebody operating under a nickname and posting without introducing themselves, please let me know so that I can deal with the situation.

Thanks for your time guys



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