Update to the Terms of Use - 20/09/2016 (REQUESTING ADMIN TO DELETE PRIOR POSTS)

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Update to the Terms of Use - 20/09/2016 (REQUESTING ADMIN TO DELETE PRIOR POSTS)

Post by Nicky » Tue Sep 20, 2016 2:36 am

Hi everyone

The terms of use have been updated to include a new section regarding forum members requesting the admin to delete some/all of their prior posts.

I have copied and pasted this latest addition to the terms of use document below:
When registering and posting on the forum, the admin will not fulfil any requests by members to delete some or all of their previous posts as a result of the member suddenly feeling fear, embarrassment, shame or any other type of emotion related to their previous actions and/or association with Divine Truth and/or the forum.
It is an unloving desire to attempt to conceal or hide our previous actions as a way to “rub out of history” of what happened beforehand.
By registering to the forum and agreeing to these terms, you are accepting that all posts you submit to the forum will be retained. If you are not happy about this, I would recommend that you do not register to the forum and simply remain as a guest of the site.
If any current forum members are not happy with this latest update to the terms of use, I'd recommend that you do not create any further posts.



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