Prayers for standing rock

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Prayers for standing rock

Post by Felicitas » Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:30 pm

Prayer support for the water protectors at standing rock

The planned construction for the Dakota access pipeline has reunited all the Native American tribes as they stand at the front lines in North Dakota to protect sacred land and water.
Two of the Native American tribes independently received prophesies that described
a black snake that might divide their lands. The black snake is seen as the oil pipeline
and thus they believe these prophesies to be describing the times we live in now.

The prophesies also contain that spiritual forces will rise at these times from all around the planet to heal the spiritually very sick who destroy our planet by implementing construction like the oil pipeline and other evil agendas that harm humanity.
Thus the Native American tribes have been calling out all nations to unite in prayer.

There are several non profit organization, that have been supporting the water protectors by creating videos to inform people, as this movement has not been covered much by main stream media.

If you feel inspired to join in prayer, longing for God to please help us all in these challenging times,
have a look at these websites:

The native Indian people and spiritual leaders of all faith have been at the site in prayer for many month and will also stay there during the harsh winter.
On the above link you can also donations to support them physical during these times.

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