The Twisted Sisterhood - Kelly Valen

What other books or texts did you find useful in developing your understanding?
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The Twisted Sisterhood - Kelly Valen

Post by Laura Berry » Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:14 am

The Twisted Sisterhood - Kelly Valen

- Unravelling the dark legacy of female friendships

This is a book based off a survey Kelly did in America with many women taking part a lot of them anonymously, so is a book based off statistics and how women really feel about each other. I found it good to just get into some female wounds I felt I had and at least to start reflecting on them, I know how many of us ladies don't like addressing the female injuries we have. I have found it hard too, but this book helped me like an inroad into some more truth about what many women really feel about their friendships with other women and helped me start looking at my own female relationships more deeply and wanting to start to change them.

It felt tough to read initially because it was a subject I knew I didn't like facing so I got headaches a lot reading it, but I feel it was worth it, and hope it may help others wanting to look a bit more into it too.

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