A Life With God Uncensored - Anne Hinds

What other books or texts did you find useful in developing your understanding?
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A Life With God Uncensored - Anne Hinds

Post by Laura Berry » Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:14 am

A Life With God Uncensored - One woman's lessons in vulnerability (Anne Hinds)

I wanted to share this book with others as I found it very beautiful in opening me up to realising that the closeness to God is created by being vulnerable with God.

What I learnt through this book for myself was the beauty of being vulnerable with God, that when I have the courage to expose my soul or self to God that that is where our relationship can blossom or becomes real and where I can hear and feel God directly. Also when I allowed this for a short while I felt that God doesn't judge me for what is exposed even though I myself did. It was more a feeling that God already knew what was there and felt more like exposing the real me to myself with an open heart to God at the same time and with this came my pain and addictions as I attempted to become vulnerable which I also felt was a beautiful thing this book offered me. It has helped me start to address these fears I have about being vulnerable and in addressing my lack of faith of this process with God and the beauty of putting God first in my life and helping me build a desire to do so. I realised I need to get real with God or really get real with myself as God already knows, and helped me start to see that this vulnerability was key to my relationship with God developing.

I found Anne's desire for God in her life inspiring and her honesty about her life and about her relationship with God.

I hope this book may help others with similar issues with fear about being vulnerable and humble with God.

(There are lots of other things in the book too.)

Wish you well, Laura

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