Reclaiming your life. Jean Jenson

What other books or texts did you find useful in developing your understanding?
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Reclaiming your life. Jean Jenson

Post by Anna S » Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:22 pm

Reclaiming your life: A step-by-steg Guide to using regression therapy to overcome the effects of childhood abuse. Jean Jenson.
In Swedish: Att återerövra sitt liv. En guide till bättre relationer och känslomässig läkning

I found this book valuable in working with your emotions. I wrote a note in the book: Integrative therapy that combines work with my behaviour in my daily life and deep emotional work.

As far as I understand, regression therapy often means working with past lives, but the book does not have that focus. The author is writing about how to connect with childhood emotions using events that happens in my daily life. I translate that to using my attraction in life and feel the feelings that is evoked (smile). The author also warns from using the term "my inner child" or "a child" so we don't split ourselves in different parts and miss that it is the emotional reality of our own childhood we connect to.

I hope this book can be of help!!
Anna Skevik, Sweden

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