Gone West

What other books or texts did you find useful in developing your understanding?
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Gone West

Post by julie_bennion » Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:41 pm

This is a channelled book written by medium J.S. Ward, where one who has recently passed (he is, thus far unknowingly, on the natural love path) discusses his experience & how he is learning, as much as he is able to!, about spirit life, so he can share it with people on earth. Below is a portion of what this spirit, H.J.L., understands about how earthly human souls receive inspiration ~ always from those who have passed from the earth into spirit life ~

H.J.L. "Let me tell you that all inspiration comes from this side. The works of genius are really the inspirations of the spirits acting through that man who is really mediumistic. This partly explains why so many men of genius are of an erratic temperament, and often of an unsatisfactory moral attitude. Being mediumistic they are liable to fall a victim to undesirable influences — evil spirits, in fact.”

J. W. “Do you mean, then, that no great inventions originate on the earth, or does this statement refer only to artistic inspiration? “

H. J. L. “ Art, literature, music, even mechanical inventions, are almost always inspired from this side. Slight improvements and adjustment to enable the great idea to fit the conditions of earth life are the kind of advances which men make on earth. I hesitate to say that no great idea was ever invented on the earth, but I know of none, and am sure that they are very few and far between.

“This explains in part why it is that progress is so slow in the early centuries of life on this planet and of late has proceeded at such a rate.

“Men come over to us with some knowledge and a keen interest in various subjects, and in these more advanced surroundings they discover new laws, and in the light of this new knowledge inspire those who are following in their footsteps.

“All the same, men are often very stupid. We send out a brilliant idea, and the best parts are often misunderstood by, or fail to penetrate, the denser minds of those still on earth. Again and again we see our finest ideas reduced to a miserable travesty of their real selves. As a man gets older, too, he often seems to grow more material, especially if he has become prosperous. This leads to poorer, or, at any rate, more commonplace work, for the finer ideas are no longer able to penetrate.

“Look at this idea for a church — splendid, isn’t it? Renaissance style, but far finer than anything they’ve got on earth. But my partner had not realized how important heating and lighting are — I’m correcting that. Still, I don’t suppose even a feeble imitation of it will ever be built on earth. It’s such a materialistic age that we simply cannot get our ideas through, and even when we do get a man to produce a colourable imitation of some really fine inspiration, that man seldom gets the opportunity of carrying it out, the people who pay being of course far more materialistic — in art matters — than the artists. That is why the earlier periods, for example, the Middle Ages, were so much finer — they were less materialistic, and so responded more to our inspirations.”

J. W. “Then no man on earth deserves the credit of any great idea? The credit is due to the ‘mighty dead.’”

H. J. L. “On the contrary, they deserve all the credit they can get, for it means that they have preserved and developed their higher and spiritual faculties, at any rate on the artistic or engineering side. This at any rate is something. Even a blackguardly, immoral man, who seems materialistic on most matters, must have developed his spiritual faculties to some extent if he is able to receive and carry out fine inspirations sent from this side.”

J. W. “But you spirits deserve the credit for the ideas themselves. Don’t you feel it a little unjust that you should get no credit for them?”

H. J. L. “Not the slightest. Jealousy, like other mortal sins, is left on the threshold of Hell. We work as an amusement simply for the love of our work. We seek neither fortune nor fame; the joy of producing good work is the only aim — that and the desire to help those still on earth.”

If it resonates, I love reading whatever I can get my hands on about spirit life. For anyone who's interested in taking a look, here's the link to the pdf file for this book: http://www.ghostcircle.com/wp-content/u ... e_West.pdf

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