Beyond The Grave

Through The Mists, The Life Elysian & The Gate of Heaven
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Beyond The Grave

Post by Nicky » Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:23 pm

Frederick Winterleigh was a man who lived and died in London around 150 years ago. Upon passing, Frederick (otherwise now known as Aphraar) had a burning desire to return to the Earth for the purpose of sharing his own experiences of life in the spirit world as he had experienced it in the hope that it would help his brothers and sisters still in the "flesh" develop their understanding about the next part of our soul's journey when we pass over into the other world.

He shared his story through the gift of mediumship offered by Robert James Lees who recorded Aphraar's experiences and published them in three separate books:

Through The Mists
The Life Elysian
The Gate of Heaven

If you would like to learn more about what life will be like once you have experienced "death" or more accurately put, the shedding of the physical body from the Soul, these are the books for you!

There are many truly amazing stories shared by Aphraar in these books, all with the underlying intention to provide us with many lessons about the spirit world, God's universal laws & of course the depth of our parent's love for all of his children.

I absolutely love these books and would like to massively thank Aphraar for undertaking this beautiful work and also Robert James Lees who gave his time and gift of mediumship in recording Aphraar's story and sharing it with us all.

If you would like to learn more about these books, I have provided a link below to Jesus & Mary's website where the books can be downloaded for personal reading if desired: ... ussion.htm

In this section of the forum, you can discuss anything related to the material found in any of these three wonderful books.


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