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The Transference of Divine Substance

Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:32 pm
by julie_bennion
Feeling the import of this message from St. Stephen, I thought it worthwhile to add to our little collection of messages here.

"It is a mistake for men to believe that because God has created this or that object or thing, it is necessarily Divine, for His creations are no more a part of Himself than are the creations of men a part of themselves; and thus you will see that in all God's creation there is nothing Divine except what has been privileged by His grace to partake of His Divinity. And hence the stars and worlds and trees and animals and rocks and man himself, as created, are not Divine."

Stephen goes on to say there are attributes that God does not transfer, in entirety, and that Divine transference that does occur only takes place within our souls when they are truly open to & desirous of receiving some portion of God's substance.