Is there such a thing as retraumatizing?

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Is there such a thing as retraumatizing?

Post by Lena » Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:36 am

Hi Nicky and Eloisa,

I wanted to ask your opinion about retraumatisation?
As stated by Maureen in the following thread: ... 4&start=10
I felt it was important to get clear on this, as Maureen is making suggestions to people and I don't know if I 100% agree with the ange she is taking.

I have some opposite feelings on this subject, which is why I do not know what to go by.

1. Once I was seeking out to deal with women like my mother, and telling myself that this would be good for me to connect with my hurt.
I never really connected with any of my hurt, as every time I did engage I was in addiction (agreeing with their poor opinion of myself and building them up by keeping me small; or I "taught" them "truth" with a desire to change them or to tell them off with anger that I was still harboring with my mom) and not properly feeling anything.
So Jesus and Mary have asked why I was doing these things, and retraumatizing myself on purpose, or better say I wanted to treat myself bad by communicating with bullies.
Jesus also said that if I am not wanting to feel the pain that is already there why do I want to add more pain, it will not help me but will make things only harder. As my heart is already shut and harbouring lots of pain as I am not letting any of it out.
All of this completely made and makes sense.

However here are very opposing thoughts at the same time in my head:

2. It doesn't make sense to be retraumatized on the same subject if the feelings are already there. The law of attraction will bring similar events as what has happened in my childhood. It may feel like I am being traumatized all over again, but the pain of the same kind is already in my soul.
I feel like the only way i can be retraumatised if I felt through my pains and have forgiven but then have somehow attracted a very bad treatment and was retraumatised again.

What Maureen is suggesting feels more like a desire to control the experience and avoid overwhelmness and I dont know if any of it has anything to do with what I have written above. And my feeling is what if others also misunderstand it all and take it on board without clarifying.

Anyways, I will keep on feeling about this.

Mary has mentioned to me a few weeks ago that Maureen has written something about retraumatizing which didn't feel right, I am glad I remembered about it and looked it up as I have so many questions about it now myself.

anyways, if you wish to share anything I would appreciate greatly.


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Re: Is there such a thing as retraumatizing?

Post by Nicky » Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:51 pm

Hi Lena

Thanks for raising this.

I feel the stuff that Maureen was talking about is an addictive kinda technique used to control/manage our fears and thus avoid emotional overwhelm (which could relate to many fears e.g. you might die if you experience your emotions in full, you might go "nuts" or be put into a mental asylum, the feeling will never end etc). Because of the addiction, it will offer quite a large hook for other people AND/OR spirits to come in to help them avoid their own stuff too, so it may be worth just mentioning this as a potentiality.

This is quite clearly highlighted in her second post in this part:
For instance, me reading about repressed memories written by someone who believes that is a possibility, invites into my life kindness, support, and validation that is essential for my hurt child self
This is promoting addictive based interactions that would take you away from your hurt self emotions. It can also highlight a lack of trust/faith in God too, as God will support us through our hurt self feelings substantially if we ask for the assistance while in the emotion (which I can say is true based on my own experience). This helps us fully get into the emotion and release it much quicker rather than almost torturing ourselves getting to little bits of it here and there (and maybe not even touching any real hurt depending on if we are crying/feeling things out of a tantrum, blame etc) therefore taking a very long time to release, or not releasing at all. I believe Lena, this is basically what you said in your point 1.

i reckon the difference with Maureen's view to the above is that she feels managing the emotion assists the healing/avoiding retraumatization but really, it will probably make it worse.

Every time we connect with God, we are going to be emotionally overwhelmed, right? So I feel taking steps to reduce/manage our overwhelm is actually taking us away from God.

Those are my feelings anyway.


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