20160121 Notes From Mary

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20160121 Notes From Mary

Post by Eloisa » Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:07 pm

Hi Guys

Notes from conversation with Mary today on Principles and forum interactions:
  • Focus on the PRINCIPLES

    When attractions happen and/or feedback is given REFLECT in every area of my life, focus on the issue so the person gets the point, the principle rather than the story

    Can’t give strikes unless you know there is a definite issue/breach of love. If you know how they are breaking an aspect of Love then can strike. Do I know what is happening and how is it out of harmony with love?

    If I am not sure don’t strike. I need to know what the issue is before I can give a strike

    it is loving to give an explanation/feedback to understand the principles of love involved

    Getting all involved in stories is messy

    There are a few things that could be going on with people:

    1. Overtly abusive people - we mostly recognise these people, need to strike them immediately

    2. Resistive, justifying injury, devious, nasty and facade people who have already had feedback

    3. I am in addiction and I am completely clueless - these people get warnings and explain their behaviour to them so they can see what is going on can share from experience, example ‘ I did this, this is me in addiction, look at me I’m learning” smile
    Eloisa did a great one with being in addiction with Abram, (I will use this as an example of what NOT to do in the near future, smile)

    4. super abusive people that are clear to everyone, e.g. Jesus and Mary haters, people like Pam - this is not a good use of my time to give lots of feedback and lengthy explanations UNLESS it is for the purpose of educating others about what is going on. e.g. MM’s feedback to chad was much shorter

    there are some things to look out for, example Chad - doesn’t want the feedback and usually there is an addictive reason why I want to give feedback to someone who doesn’t want it. example I don’t want to feel how hurt I feel so I feed their addiction to avoid my own feelings

    Making mistakes is okay, we are learning.

    Often we have a feeling of wanting to be perfect before we begin. we are punishing ourselves for engaging a pure desire and wanting to Learn in regards to the forum. Part of the problem is being harsh on ourselves.

    God is not harsh, and as Nicky shared with his experience of how God felt towards him God is gentle and kind. Also God was like that with Nicky because Nicky was sincere about it.

    There is a difference between a sincere person and a rebellious and ‘justifying my sin person’. Treat those who are rebellious more firmly with a warning particularly those who are justifying their sin. Those who are more sincere give more time to

    at times we are wanting to believe the facade people are presenting rather than feeling their true intentions

    Be real and open God can work with that

    What children learn under shame and terror is much less than what they learn when they are loved

    When in addiction we cannot learn

    Lena, Eloisa trying to get emotions from other women due to not wanting to feel the hurt with mum

    A real friendship will be one when there is no acting out in addictions (how cool will this be!)

    communisation is taking not giving


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Re: 20160121 Notes From Mary

Post by Nicky » Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:42 pm

Thanks a lot for this Eloisa and for sending through the voice clip! Really appreciated.

These notes along with the others provided serve as a great moderating guide.


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