Editing OR Deleting Threads/Comments

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Editing OR Deleting Threads/Comments

Post by Nicky » Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:18 pm

Hi guys

Thought I'd inform you all about editing/deleting threads and comments on the forum.

Only the Admin, DT Teachers (Jesus & Mary) and Moderators can edit, move, merge, split, lock, sticky and delete threads/topics etc.

There are reasons why all other forum members cannot edit/delete their own posts. The main reason is so that if somebody posts something that may have been unloving initially, they cannot go back and change their post in an attempt to "mask" their own behaviour which kind of defeats the purpose of what we are all trying to do here.

This also allows the Admin and DT teachers (Jesus & Mary) a chance to demonstrate what Love and Truth would dictate in that particular scenario for the benefit of everybody else.

Consequently, this gives all forum members a chance to analyse what went on and reflect on the issue to see if what happened can be applied and utilised in their own emotional work.

***If you created your own topic and would like any part of your initial post to be edited (lets say you missed out a big part of what you attempted to express or weren't too clear originally) you can send a private message to the Admin or any Moderator informing them of what you would like to be changed. This does not involve a standard reply on somebody else's thread as you can simply leave another comment below your own prior one stating any changes/alterations you'd like to make to the previous comment.

Of course, if it is something like a small grammatical error or spelling mistake, I do not feel it would be appropriate of someone to message the Admin or Moderator and want them to change this as it is a relatively small thing in the grand scheme of things and feel it won't really have an impact in the understanding of what was trying to be expressed. This will give the Admin & Moderators the time to go about their business in maintaining the forum for the benefit of everybody else.




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