FEEDBACK Regarding Divine Truth Podcast

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FEEDBACK Regarding Divine Truth Podcast

Post by Mary » Fri Aug 05, 2016 5:40 am

Hi everyone,

Recently I was asked to listen and provide some feedback about the Divine Truth Podcast that Nicky's cousin Peter has started. This request didn't come from Peter directly and so initially it wasn't shared with him. Later he did ask me for feedback on his two most recent episodes which I have now provided to him.

In my feedback I didn't provide any recommendation about what Peter should do in response to my feedback. I just told him what I could feel going on in both episodes.

Peter has now removed his previously recorded episodes of the podcast.

I have decided to post some of the feedback that I shared about Divine Truth podcast here on the forum (with Nicky's permission) as I felt that it may benefit others who had heard the podcasts before they were removed or who had been guests on the show. Because Peter misrepresented Divine Truth teachings and living The Way in his podcasts these people may have misunderstood important principles of God's Truth.

I have compassion for Peter and how his injuries were created. I have been very direct and specific about his injuries here on the forum and with Peter privately because I wanted to be clear that the way that he has been treating people is not kind and definitely not in harmony with God's Love or God's Way.

Below is a summary of the feedback that I gave to Peter, along with a link to a dropbox where you can download the audio file I created for Maxine and Nicky regarding the podcast in which Maxine was a guest.

Nicky has told me that he will also add his comments to this thread.

Best wishes,

Link to Feedback regarding Podcast with Maxine ... k.mp3?dl=0

Summary of Feedback to Peter regarding Divine Truth Podcasts involving Samir & Majken

Here are the issues I see in the podcasts with Majken and Samir:

1. Peter was very arrogant towards his guests and his listeners. He set himself up as an expert, and advised his guests on what their emotions were and on what they should do in their spiritual progress. He did this without being humble to the fact that as yet he is not in a condition to be sensitive to other people's emotions and that he has a lot of emotional injuries himself.

Because Peter isn't yet emotionally sensitive or humble, he actually has no idea about his guests' or his own condition. However Peter spoke to his guests as an 'authority' who is progressing very will in his relationship with God. But the way in which Peter explained Divine Truth concepts, and the way that he treated his guests (with a lot of condescension and addiction) indicates that he still has significant amounts to learn about God, God's Way, love and humility.

2. In all three podcasts I listened to, Peter presented untruth as Divine Truth multiple times. More than once he misquoted Jesus and presented sinful attitudes and actions as things Jesus endorses. This included stating or implying that Jesus blames people for their illnesses, judges them for their addictions and emotional injuries and that he endorses the use of marajuana in some cases. Jesus has never said or promoted any of these things.

Peter believing that Jesus teaches these things further indicates that he has not yet understood Divine Truth teachings and in fact believes it to be something that it is not. From God's perspective, it is very serious to misrepresent Divine Truth to others but to present lies about Divine Truth and attribute them to the primary teacher of Divine Truth on earth is extremely damaging not only to oneself and others but potentially to Jesus and how open people are to hearing more truth from him.

3. Aside from Peter's first question "How did you find Divine Truth?" he asks nothing about each person's individual experiences with 'the Way'. Instead in both cases the guests end up interviewing Peter about his experiences with prayer and the Way. Peter was happy for the conversation to revolve around himself. He would often cut them off when they might volunteer something about their experiences and/or jump in with his own ideas and experiences instead of hosting or interviewing the guests and hearing more about them.

This attitude reflects Peter's self involvement and arrogance. These are beliefs and attitudes that have obviously been promoted in him as he was growing up, but are now addictions he has an adult.

As I said to Peter, it is totally up to him if he wants to make a podcast all about him and have people on to talk about him with him. It is absolutely his own creation that he can do what he pleases with but as he had asked the issues of love involved, I pointed out that it is not loving to invite guests onto your show in order to have them help you to meet your own addictions. This is especially the case when you are saying that the purpose of the show is to discuss people's experiences of the Way. He was not in harmony with his purpose statement of having discussions 'centred on the Way' and so lacked integrity in this respect.

It also clearly demonstrated a lack of regard for the gift each guest was offering by appearing on the podcast. Peter's lack of interest in them and his desire to have them meet his addictions are all unloving attitudes. Each person had set aside time for the purpose of discussing their experiences of The Way, and yet Peter did not honour or value that gift by actually asking them about their experiences with it.

Peter didn't think of his listeners and what they may be interested in - that is, that they may wish to hear about other people's experiences of the Way, not just about Peter himself.

4. Peter's lack of asking his guests about how the Way had changed their lives indicated that either he wasn't interested in that or he believed that he knew how it had without having to ask. Both positions are very arrogant.

During the podcast with Samir, Samir made a few comments that alluded to more concrete examples of his experience on The Way. He was able to volunteer a few things that sounded interesting but Peter didn't expand on or ask about them directly.

Instead Peter was far more interested in the other spiritual pursuits Samir had been involved in before he found Divine Truth.

****In fact Peter spent so much time with Samir discussing these other experiences with great enthusiasm, that I felt the podcast became an advertisement for going to Africa and taking psychedelic drugs in order to 'open you up' to new experiences and to be 'ready' for Divine Truth. This is an EXTREME misrepresentation of God's attitude towards those practices and not a reflection of Divine Truth teachings at all. However Peter basically said the opposite thing and had I been a random listener who was impressionable or who had injuries towards drug taking I would right now be researching how to get into LSD or going to Africa and believing that that would GIVE ME MORE FAITH in God's Way. This is clearly a very serious error for a podcast claiming to be about Divine Truth to promote.****

Peter talked a very little about some behavioural changes he and Samir had in common since finding Divine Truth. However he became more interested in being 'mates' with Samir and sharing how 'alike' they both are than giving a gift to listeners and directing conversation towards the actual addictions or emotions that were involved in changing this behaviour. Samir seemed open to sharing these things but was never asked about them.

During both podcasts the listener was given very few opportunities to learn more about living or experimenting with God's Way.

5. With Samir and Majken, Peter displayed a desire to form a 'click' or elite circle of people who 'are just like me' and who 'get God's Way'.

This is in contrast to Maxine who is older and who Peter judged as 'not getting it' and being inferior to himself. This elitism is another very damaging emotion and not a reflection of God's Way. It is also very alienating to listeners.

Peter also made statements referring to a small number of people are are really "attempting to progress on the Way". He included himself in this group and made the statements with a feeling of superiority about himself and a feeling of judgement towards other people who he doesn't believe are as sincere as he is. These kinds of statements immediately demonstrate how little the person who makes them (in this case Peter) is ACTUALLY progressing on The Way. A person who is growing towards God has less and less judgement of others, displays compassion and grows in the view that everyone has equal worth to their own.

Peter made a number of statements that placed Nicky, Majken, Perry, Courtney, Samir and himself into a 'special' group who are all very similar. He was emotionally excluding and judging others as not as 'worthy' or 'sincere' as he or others in this group are. This is unloving on a lot of levels. For example, God doesn't have 'special' groups, also Peter actually has no idea of people's true sincerity or spiritual condition (including how his condition varies from other people's). Peter's very judgement of others is a sin. And as someone who is involved in taking from, and exploiting, the injured emotions in others Peter actually has a lot more spiritual work to do than some of the other people that he currently judges to be in a 'lesser' or 'less sincere' condition than himself.

6. Peter constantly promoted himself as someone who has made a lot of change, who understands God's Way clearly, who has a relationship with God and who is in a position to advise and judge others. None of these things are actually true. If Peter had made the kind of progress he portrayed himself to have made, he would be not be self involved nor engage in judgement or condescension with others. If you consider the example of Jesus, he is never self promotional or arrogant and never behaves in a condescending way with people ever, and especially not towards their issues and injuries. He is kind, clear, compassionate and receptive towards others. He also never hides the progress he still has to make.

7. All three guests (Maxine, Samir & Maiken) displayed more humility and self awareness than Peter himself. They were self reflective, they were open and transparent about the injuries within themselves that they currently are aware of and they actually had a lot more valuable information that they could have been shared with listeners, that would have demonstrated more sincere experimenting with God and God's Way, had they been asked about it. However, without exception, Peter exploited their humble state as an opportunity to paint himself as an 'expert' with knowledge of Divine Truth that they 'needed' and he turned the conversation back to himself and his own experiences.

8. Peter has suppressed rage and condescension towards women that he is not yet humble to. He was condescending with both Maxine and Majken and exploited their injuries that cause them to seek men's approval and to accept an attitude of superiority from men. Peter gave them both strong advice on what they needed to be doing when from a soul perspective he can't feel their injuries or what their biggest issues are in their relationship's with God. He didn't display interest in, or compassion for, either of them, which further demonstrates his inability to correctly assess what they should be doing in order to progress.

Peter was also condescending with Samir at times.

This attitude of condescension is damaging to the guests, to listeners and to Peter himself.

I found these podcasts difficult to listen to and had to pause often to take a break because the interactions were so unloving. However I found Peter's misrepresentation of God's Truth and of Jesus to be the most damaging aspect of what he created. It is extremely arrogant to 'quote' Jesus and attribute statements to him that he has never made. It is one thing to act in your own injuries but to endorse your behaviour and statements as reflections of God's Way is another more damaging thing entirely. Unfortunately Peter's guests, and perhaps many listeners, were accepting what he said as what Jesus teaches and Peter was incorrect most of the time.

As I shared with Peter, his arrogance is currently preventing him from being sensitive to what God is trying to show him through his experiments (such as the podcast itself). God is always attempting through His Laws to make us aware of our mistakes and yet Peter wasn't sensitive a number of times, even during the podcasts themselves, when his guests were actually reflecting upon things that applied to him or that he was overlooking.

While Peter sometimes made statements saying that he is aware that he still has a lot to learn, his overall attitude and his words at other times did not reflect this feeling in him at all.

I said to Peter that In hosting the podcast he has the opportunity to simply have conversations with others about their experiences and that, rather than present himself as an 'authority' he could be humble about his own condition and how much he has yet to learn. I feel that that would be really engaging for me as a listener.

Peter's current arrogance means that the conversations in the podcasts ended up promoting himself, his experiences and 'knowledge'. It is arrogant to believe that this is the most interesting and valuable thing for listeners to hear.

I told Peter that I feel that it is totally possible for him to correct what he has done but that this will require a lot of sincerity on his part.

Arrogance is a difficult emotional injury to work through. Because an arrogant person feel righteous and entitled to what they demand from others, when taking on a more humble viewpoint of themselves and a more loving attitude towards others, they feel that they are being harmed and attacked themselves.

Any person who wishes to confront their own arrogance will need to examine all of the areas in their life where they feel entitled, superior and angry. These are all indicators of where that a person is sinning.

Most people who are arrogant aren't sensitive to just how entitled and superior they feel all of the time or of just how much addiction they 'comfortably' live in. They are used to having others meet their addictions and feel good about it.

If such a person decides to confront their addictions and begins to see themselves more clearly, they will need to go through some periods of feeling very uncomfortable. They will need to work through a lot of anger that arises as they face that, what they perceive to be loving and correct, is actually sin from God's perspective.

I shared all of this information with Peter as well.

As I said to Peter, he isn't yet sensitive to how angry he becomes when one of his addictions is not met. His heavy use of marijuana in the past has been an expression of this rage and of his demand that others fix things or look after him rather than he taking personal responsibility.

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Re: FEEDBACK Regarding Divine Truth Podcast

Post by Nicky » Fri Aug 05, 2016 9:06 pm

Hi guys

I would like to add a post to Mary's thread regarding the recent feedback about The Divine Truth Podcast and my involvement in what my cousin Peter created. I feel some responsibility on myself for the potential damage that the podcast episodes caused to any guests on the show and listeners so that is why I would like to be transparent about my mistakes with everybody (and hopefully part way to correcting any damage that was caused).

Although the podcast was Peter's creation, and he engaged with his guests on the episodes, I have now come to an awareness that I made a number of ethical based mistakes related to the podcast.

Firstly, I recommended the podcast via our YouTube channel and via a blog posted on the main Hub site a few months ago without taking the time to keep up with the episodes and listen to them. When I first received Mary's feedback about mine and Perry's latest YouTube video, I also received an email later that day from a lady who had been listening to the podcast and she expressed her concerns to me about an episode she had heard with Maxine and the unloving behaviour she recognised from Peter towards Maxine, so I shared this email with Mary and asked for feedback.

As you can see from above, Mary took the time to not only record an audio file which I am so grateful for her taking the time to do so (for the benefit of not only Maxine & Peter, but for everyone else who may had been affected negatively by the content), but also share the feedback she gifted to Peter publicly on the forum. I'd like to thank Mary so much for providing this gift. I'd also like to thank the lady who emailed me and gave me a heads up.

I "blindly" recommended/referred the podcast to people who watch our videos on YouTube and those who read the blog and just assumed the content was in alignment with Divine Truth. I cannot really speak at this moment as somebody whose own creations are in harmony with Divine Truth as can be seen by the recent feedback Mary has shared on the forum about mine & Perry's latest video and am now going through my own process of addressing my issues. If you would like to read Mary's feedback, you can do so by following the below link:


I have since realised how if I was acting ethically and lovingly towards others, I would have taken the time to at least keep track of the episodes that I recommended people to. Because I recommended people and did not do this, I am partly responsible for the result of what has happened.

Also, another one of my main injuries that had a large bearing on how things came to pass is how I have a strong desire for men's approval. I tend to value all other men's opinions about matters over my own and thus look up to and feel all men automatically know more then I do about many matters, and so I generally go along with their views and feelings (whether they are loving or not). I do not take the time and avoid analysing matters for myself in relation to the opinions of other men so am easily swayed in this regard. If I was being honest with you all and now being more aware about the nature of this injury within myself, I'd say that if I had kept track of the episodes, I still may not have acted ethically,lovingly and in humility by challenging Peter about his actions towards others. In essence, this addiction that I have, desire to skip over it, along with Peter being my cousin/family & having a long term friendship blinded me to the reality of what was going on. Again, this resulted in an unloving outcome to other people. A big thanks here must again go towards Mary & Jesus in helping me come to an understanding of this.

Finally, I would also like to share that Mary was totally accurate when she shared that I had a feeling within me that I had the whole sharing of Divine Truth figured out. I can absolutely and categorically state that I now feel this is most definitely not the case. I was feeling that Peter, Perry and I had "cracked it" and got way too ahead of myself in many regards - which again relate to current injuries I have related to what I just shared in the paragraph above, wanting to gain a sense of worth through sharing Divine Truth content, displaying a facade of arrogance and other unhealed emotions relating to childhood injuries absorbed from my Dad.

All I can do is accept my mistakes, understand the feedback received, work through the addictions & causes emotionally, right my wrongs and apologise to the guests on the podcast who had been treated in an unloving manner and to any listeners who had also been negatively impacted as a result of my own personal recommendations and my subsequent actions.

Again, I would also like to thank Mary & Jesus for taking the time to offer feedback not only to myself, Peter and Perry but also to others who had been affected by the mistakes in the hope that the impact of these errors can be corrected. Their love, care, kindness, patience and concern towards everyone means an awful lot, particularly as somebody who was a cause of potential damage and error in others.

Thanks for your time.

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