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The Recent Imposter

Post by Nicky » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:05 pm

Hi guys

Just a quick announcement to say that a person signed up to the forum using my full name and spammed the board pretending to be me and then again, pretending to be Jesus. Some of you may have seen a few of these posts before I was notified of what was going on by another member of the forum.

I have now banned the user and deleted the posts that they made as the intention was to discredit everything to do with Divine Truth, myself and the information already available on the forum as a whole.

This all occurred whilst myself and Perry were recording a new video for our YouTube channel concerning the area of Physical Addictions so it is interesting to observe this latest attack of the forum by a group of dark spirits heavily invested in attempting to disrupt us, particularly concerning a video about how spirits in a poor condition influence people on Earth to engage in these damaging activities.



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