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Divine Truth Hub Forum Closure

Post by Nicky » Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:58 pm

Hi everyone

I’d like to make an announcement to state that the forum is being closed as of today (23rd January 2017) onwards.

I have created and uploaded a video to share the reasons why I have chosen to do this. If you would like to view this video, click on the link below:


In addition to this, I have decided to write up/summarise the reasons below so there is a written version available on the forum itself for people to access should they either not be able to view the video on YouTube or would prefer to read.

1) The forum is a creation OUT of harmony with God’s principle of "Economy"

After being present at the latest assistance group "Understanding God’s Loving Laws", Jesus shared with the audience that all of God’s creations are self maintaining, and if we are finding that much of our time is being spent maintaining any of our creations, we are not in harmony with the "Economy" principle.

After reflecting on this for a while, I have realised that a lot of my personal resources (time, matter and energy) over the past 15 months have been spent moderating the forum. As I have been out of harmony with this principle (and a few others), I found myself feeling pretty exhausted when moderating the forum which I now see has been a negative compensation effect of living out of harmony with this principle.

It dawned on me that the only harmonious way to have a forum related to Divine Truth would be if every single member including the admin had made a choice and desire within themselves to be completely self responsible*. If this was the case, there would be no need to have moderators as all interactions would be loving and thus the forum itself would be a self-maintaining creation. The forum could then be used as a means of communication between people located all over the world and a place where ideas could be shared and developed freely in a spirit of love.

*Self- Responsibility as defined by Jesus (taken from the Divine Truth website Assistance Group Downloads section):

"The law based requirement of self-awareness, to seek truth, love and understanding of all principles of Love and law, and the loving ownership and expression of ones will, desire, passion, emotion, attitudes, intentions, thoughts and actions in harmony with God's Principles and laws."

2) Addictions (personal & between forum members)

I have been realising that many of the interactions on the forum have been addictive in nature for much of the time since it has been made available to the public. This includes my own personal addictions that I got met through creating and administering the form. For a long time, I have had a taking attitude due to various emotional addictions which I have chosen to hold onto that taint my desire to sincerely give to others.

I have wanted to be seen by others and feel within myself that I am somebody who "get’s it" and who is further along "The Way" than everybody else - these addictive desires within myself and a resistance to giving them up have led me to be arrogant and prideful at times to my own detriment as well as to others who were impacted by these unloving desires. I have been strongly desiring a feeling of approval from both Jesus & Mary and this I feel has been the main addiction driving the creation and maintenance of the forum from my perspective.

I wish to create more personal time for myself so that I can work through these injuries - by closing the forum down, I will be giving myself that opportunity which later will hopefully assist me in:

- Sharing Divine Truth effectively with the world
- Developing an attitude of serving others rather than a taking attitude
- Creating new projects myself as well as with others

3) The long term effectiveness of a forum

Due to the above reflections, I have called into question the effectiveness of a Divine Truth forum at this particular time on the planet. What I mean by "effectiveness" is the potential a forum has right now in this very moment to assist others in improving their personal soul condition as well as for the collective growth of Divine Truth.

Currently, it is a fact that many people who have heard Divine Truth (including myself in some areas) still desire to have our addictions met. A tool such as the forum is pretty much rendered useless when engaged with this desire. There have been many occasions since the forum became open to the public where members have been muted and/or banned because of a desire to hold onto addictions, and probably more would have been had I personally been in a space free from some of my own.

I have discovered how resistive I can personally be when some of my addictions have been pointed out by others so there is a growing understanding within myself of the current situation.

Bearing all this in mind, I do not see how the forum can move forward at this time in a loving, truthful and economical manner.

I have also been realising after spending two months in Australia taking part in the Divine Truth volunteer programme, that there are ways more harmonious with God’s Principles & Laws in which time can be spent in my passion to share Divine Truth more effectively with the world. This is what I will be focusing my resources on moving forward.

4) Future plans

From today onwards, nobody will be able to register to the forum and current members will not be able to create any further posts.

I have decided that I will keep the forum online for a small monthly personal fee that I will continue paying so to act as an archive in case anybody wishes to learn from my own experiment as well as to still draw potential benefit from the posts already submitted here. There are some threads and comments on the forum that are really helpful and can provide a greater understanding of certain key principles of Divine Truth so I wish to keep all of this accessible to the public.

There has been a growing archive of books and movies that members have contributed here over the course of the past 15 months which I feel some people would still like access to.

The site http://www.divinetruthhub.com will still be available and will act as my own personal website for sharing via blog posts any future projects. If you wish to stay updated, feel free to register on the main site.

I will still be using my email nicky@divinetruthhub.com so if you wish to get in touch at any time, please feel free to drop me a message.

I will soon be making changes to "The Divine Truth Experience" YouTube channel, where I will continue uploading videos over the course of the next year.

5) Thank You

I would like to thank everybody who has ever contributed to the forum either by posting and/or supporting it’s running costs by donations. It has been cool "meeting" some of you for the first time, as well as getting to know some of you a bit better as a result of your engagement here.

I would like to say a big thank you to the people who helped me moderate the forum at different times. These guys are Lena Shakhanov, Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, Perry Haldenby & David Raizman. Each of these guys took up this role as a gift to myself and everyone else (members and guests) with the goal of maintaining the integrity of the forum. They have all been extremely generous in gifting their time and energy, and as you can probably sense, it has not been an easy thing to do, so thanks guys!

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to both Jesus & Mary for helping me through the process of creating the terms of use in harmony with the principles of Divine Truth as well as making themselves available from their own busy schedule countless times to gift feedback and guide me ever since the forum went live. I got myself into a big mess on a number of occasions due to my lack of humility and desire to hold onto my personal addictions and the advice they gifted to me throughout has helped an incredible amount.

Mary took a lot of her personal time to write posts and offer personal feedback to members of the forum as well as taking time to organise the movie section which I know many people have benefitted from. Jesus also took many hours trying to help me understand principles which have helped the running of the forum and making me aware that the same principles can be applied to everyday life too. Their love, care, kindness, patience and desire to uphold truth in all circumstances has been a huge gift to observe.

Thank you to everybody again and I hope you found some part of your engagement here on the forum beneficial.

With Love,


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