Causes Are Within Our Soul (Emotional)

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Causes Are Within Our Soul (Emotional)

Post by Nicky » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:27 pm

This law states that the CAUSE of any EFFECT manifested on our physical and/or spirit body (be it a disease, condition etc) is due to an emotional reason locked away within our soul. Of course, once we have healed the causal emotion with us we will experience joyful and beautiful effects as a result.

If we attempt to address an effect on the physical or spiritual levels, this will automatically create another effect showing us that the cause is still within us, and many times the effect will be magnified.

If we address and release the emotional cause within our souls, this will automatically remove the possibility of any effects that acted on that cause to occur in the future.

Remember, all of God's Laws are loving and this law is a perfect way of God being able to show us the impurities and errors within ourselves (the effects) in the hope that we dig deeper to find the emotional cause allowing us to be healed.

Here you can share your thoughts and experiences regarding this law.


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