Same injury, different attraction events

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Re: Same injury, different attraction events

Post by Nicky » Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:47 pm


I am issuing Sandra T with a warning for her post in this thread.

Sandra said:
there could be an issue with placing a demand upon them to do something about it, to manipulate them like I have done towards Phoebe, in order to avoid taking responsibility for my sins towards them. But I fail to see Phoebe's desire to harm Lena in this interaction
but I felt to engage here because I disagree with Phoebe being attacking of Lena, and want to know why I disagree with your evaluation of Phoebe's message to Lena? I also realise that I hate being told truth about myself, so am I just in complete rebellion here, not wanting to know the truth and thus disagreeing?
My question to Sandra is...why have you created a post expressing your disagreement with the strike issued to Phoebe without firstly attempting to feel through your own stuff? Because as you have stated, it seems you have a similar issue. There is very little true humility/sincerity displayed in your post, as the majority of it is spent justifying your sinful actions (in the way Lena pointed out). A sincere person would simply state that they have a similar issue and ask about what principles of love are involved in helping them understand things further rather than voicing their disagreement of the strike initially when they are yet to understand what is going on.

In the second quote above, Sandra is expressing her disagreement with the feedback/strike and then straight after stating that she hates being confronted with truth which is quite a feigned statement to make. In writing this Sandra, I feel you have answered your own question.

I would like to add that I didn't feel as though much of what Phoebe said was "off" initially but I did not disagree with Eloisa's strike without first seeking to understand the principles involved, which is quite different to how Sandra has responded here.


Phoebe Bruce
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Re: Same injury, different attraction events

Post by Phoebe Bruce » Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:57 am

Hi Eloisa and Lena,

That would be truly awesome to receive some more truth and insights into the principles of love involved on this issue, which is HUGE for me and as you suggested probably for others too. I can see a bit more now just how invested I have been in, at the very least ignoring, but also justifying to myself a lack of awakening to to the sin involved (my facade). When I received the strike, I spent a good day thrashing around around in the 'oh no I've been publicly humiliated' type 'feelings', and I think there are definitely some other blocking emotions it brought up that i do need to address, but i'm beginning to see the heart of the matter is to desire to accept and feel more truth on the issue, the sin involved.

Thank you and I anticipate your further contribution with appreciation.


Sandra T
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Re: Same injury, different attraction events

Post by Sandra T » Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:58 am

Hi Lena, Eloisa and Nicky

Thank you for your feedback. I am starting to see the whole point that is being made here.

Eloisa, I undermined your decision in order to justify my own actions towards Phoebe. I am starting to see now how attacking that was towards you actually. I felt really justified in defending my opinion and my own unloving actions, without questioning why I felt this way first for myself, as Nicky suggested I should have done. I didn't even think about questioning my righteousness on the matter, an indication of complete denial on number of issues of love here. I have just read the terms of use of the forum again, and I see how I have violated a number of them.

As Lena pointed out, I live in justifications of my harmful behaviour and I am yet to feel anything about that, and this is a great demonstration of that for me. I am going to reflect on all of your feedback in this and the following thread, thank you.


Alex M
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Re: Same injury, different attraction events

Post by Alex M » Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:31 pm

Hi Ladies,

I have been attracted to watching/reading Chapter 9 of "Through the Mists" yesterday and I would highly recommend it as it deals with this issue of sisterly competition and jealousy.

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Re: Same injury, different attraction events

Post by Eloisa » Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:40 am


Some time ago now, I excitedly said I would get some awesome info Jesus & Mary shared with us, in order to better
understand some issues about jealousy and the dynamics between women and how there is a lot of manipulative attack and projections going on that are quite harmful.
Well it has taken a while but the link is at the following thread:

Addictions>Jealousy ... f=25&t=890

We (Lena and I) have tried to convey the Principles and main points or areas to investigate if you so desire.

All the best in giving up the addictions

Eloisa L-H (Lytton-Hitchins)

PS we highly recommend going back to Jesus and Mary's material on all the issues we mention as it is so precise, clear, concise and so awesome.
They can answer most questions you have in the material that is already up on YouTube. ... vine+truth

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