Is the The Law of Attraction karma?

My LoA sucks right now!
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Is the The Law of Attraction karma?

Post by Pam » Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:34 am

Is the The Law of Attraction karma? Do you believe that our words have the power of life and death?

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Re: Is the The Law of Attraction karma?

Post by Alkhemst » Fri Aug 28, 2015 6:58 am

Pam wrote:Is the The Law of Attraction karma? Do you believe that our words have the power of life and death?
Sort of but the idea from Divine Truth material is it's more a direct feedback mechanism that mirrors our current conditions of love, so people and events will basically be attracted to us ultimately to assist us to continually grow in love. But it's also like attracts like sort of thing, which apparently is more obvious to us in the spirit world where we see groups of people with the same condition in the same places. Karma as far as I'm aware has this concept of being reincarnated based on how you lived your previous life, a very different idea. There's a lot of material on the Divine Truth youtube channel that explains this way better than me.

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Re: Is the The Law of Attraction karma?

Post by SMH?? » Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:56 pm

No the Law of Attraction is not Karma. Nicky has correctly identified Karma as the Law of Compensation in the topic list. The Law of Attraction is god's messenger of truth. This is perhaps the one unique thing that I have learned from AJ. If you watch The Secret or read about the Law of Attraction in popular culture you will see that it is tied to what you are thinking. AJ says it is based on one's soul condition (emotions). As an example, if I repeat affirmations over and over "I am worthy," but am only doing that at the intellectual level then I will still attract people/situations/events that will trigger my underlying emotions of unworthiness. It is not until I begin to feel at an emotional level that I am worthy that my LoA will change and bring me situations/people/events that display respect and regard for me.

Nicky pointed out to Victoria that she might be avoiding her LoA as apparently someone had a rather aggressive turn at her - see the strike list. According to AJ the LoA is PERFECT. I always get EXACTLY what I need at the moment, i.e., the right message of truth from god to me. I can measure my spiritual progress by my LoA - if it is good (harmonious) I'm on the right track. If it is "bad" or I am being confronted (of course the LoA can't be "bad" per se) then I should be able to identify what it is I need to look at within my soul that needs to be dropped (a belief for example - that I'm not good enough, or reality should be different than it is). How do you drop a belief? Perhaps another time.

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Re: Is the The Law of Attraction karma?

Post by Nicky » Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:07 am

Hi Pam

I do not believe that the Law of Attraction is "Karma".

I believe that the Law of Attraction and the Law of Karma (compensation) are two separate laws which work in conjunction with one another to potentially assist in our spiritual growth towards God if we are remaining humble to the process.

I have attempted to briefly summarise what these laws are on my sticky topics in the relevant topic categories. If you'd like to read what I have summarised about the law of compensation (Karma), you can follow the below link:




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Re: Is the The Law of Attraction karma?

Post by Kate » Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:13 am

SMH?? wrote:I can measure my spiritual progress by my LoA - if it is good (harmonious) I'm on the right track.
I wouldn’t necessarily agree with this comment, I have noticed pitfalls in doing this.

I believe that frequent and sincere reflection about the influence of God’s law of attraction in our life is an extremely valuable (probably essential?) tool in our development. But let’s face it, when we start out we are pretty much deluded when it comes to God’s Truth about Love and what is best for our soul. This influences our ability to analyse things with accuracy.

Looking at LOA event in terms of being positive or negative is flawed to me, because when our addictions get met we feel good and think this is a positive thing when God’s Truth is that it’s actually extremely damaging to all involved and far from love.

To give example I’ve observed in myself and others: We believe we have worked on an issue and notice our partner is more attracted to us and the relationship feels more harmonious. We see this as a ‘good thing’ in terms of the LOA demonstrating we have changed and we are on the right track towards love. Later, with further reflection on the scenario we come to realise that we have actually just manipulated our partner into giving us what we want from them, and eventually our partner succumbed to our demands and their own desire to experience co-dependant addiction.

I reckon to accurately measure our true spiritual progress we’ll need to start to see LOA events not in terms of our own feelings about them, but in terms God’s feelings (God’s Truth) about the situation. Our ability to do that is going to be limited by the degree we are emotionally open (our humilty), sincere and close to God. So given that’s not really the starting point in most of our experiences, it would seem wise to remain questioning of our assessments of events and open to further feedback that may confirm or dispute whether we are progressing in the direction of God and Love.

Jesus discusses the question of how we personally assess our change in this talk:

YouTube - 20140712 Desire For Personal Change
PDF Outline - Desire For Personal Change

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