'Soul Salon' working with Gods L.O.A

My LoA sucks right now!
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'Soul Salon' working with Gods L.O.A

Post by Samantha » Fri May 20, 2016 2:43 pm

Hello to every one, it is so good to find a place to read about the experiences of others, I have found it a very lonely journey of late and have been reduced to just me. I have a huge desire to work with my Law of Attraction and am seeing events and experiences brought to me constantly and I am very sensitive to it all and sometimes feel like there is so much wrong with me and am being brought so much through Gods Law of Attraction it is hard to take that I am so full of so many injuries and humility doesn't come easy.

As a part of my will to change and grow in love I have decided to create a new version of my old business all based on my soul condition and Gods Law of Attraction, I am turning my Hairdressing business ('Soul Salon)' against the worlds view of how a business should be run and I am offering my services as a gift and leaving it up to the customer to leave a donation or not, its up to them and their soul condition, there is no price list for the service I provide. This has really challenged my L.O.A and my fears about money. I have great fears of not being safe in the world without regular money and I wanted to turn it all around to challenge myself and work with the fear that I may not get paid anything, I am just letting myself feel about it every time a customer leaves a donation or not. It is my desire that I take action and become more responsible with my healing so I am working with Gods L.O.A and being able to see clearly my addictions and how my erroneous injuries are driving my L.O.A. People think I am crazy doing this but I have to challenge myself now and being comfortable is not going to do that. I love my gift of Hairdressing and it is something everyone needs so I want to enjoy it as a gift I am giving and it has changed the whole feeling of what I do, I enjoy it more even though the fear is still in me of not having set price lists so I have no idea how much people are leaving me, if anything. I can see it taking off and having a bigger place all based upon the other hairdressers Law of Attraction as to what they receive from their clients, I would like to help them understand how the Law of Attraction works so they understand it is all about their healing in action as they work and to keep constantly feeling all they are feeling about their fears of Money too. I can see it working on a bigger scale once it is explained fully and having Mary and Jesus's CD's in the salon and for the staff and clients to take home with a donation box for them too, this is all a vision I have at the moment but for the now it is just me starting it of, doing something new and it is the best way to trigger all of my fears, put it into action to feel it fully and shake like a leaf with fear but that is a good thing because I am feeling, being present with it and not denying it like I used to do.

I will leave it there but I am scared and excited about my new venture and thought I would share my feelings with you all.

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Re: 'Soul Salon' working with Gods L.O.A

Post by Bex » Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:47 am

Hey Sam
Hope you are doing well, your post just caught my eye, i liked the phrase soul salon! For me when Im feeling lonely as soon as I pick up and read through the mists or the padgett messages I feel a little increase in faith and desire for God. Fred has a way of making me feel much less alone on this path, his self deprecating, inquisitive nature ignites hope in me for some reason! As well as that, just let yourself feel the loneliness and chat to god about how lonely you feel and see what feelings come up inside you. My issues of lack of faith come up when I address my feelings of loneliness!
Hope that may help a little, love bex x

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