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Seeing AJ and Mary in the Sleep state

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:04 am
by Mike A.
I've had numerous experiences in the sleep state where I have had encounters with AJ and/or Mary. Many times I feel like they are trying to teach me something and others times I can tell when it may be a spirit trying to pose as one of them. Right now Im trying to decipher whether these have been actual spirit world encounters or just dreams.

One of my most recent sleep state experiences happened the night after I had one of the most powerful emotional releases I've ever had thus far on the path. The emotion I was dealing with was relating to the generational alcohol abuse in my family, particularly on my father's side. I believe this was a very powerful experience as I have not really desired any type of "drink" since then. That night I met with Jesus in the spirit world along with the apostle Paul, if I recall correctly. Paul didn't seem to be a great condition - maybe a similar condition to my own. After a brief encounter with Jesus and Paul, multiple tornadoes started racing towards the house. I remember Jesus saying "guys let's each verbalize one of our biggest addictions" as the tornadoes continued towards us. In my head I was thinking "Shouldn't we be finding a safe spot in the house to hide?" Then Jesus suggested we run outside to see the tornadoes so we did just that. To my surprise, they had altered their direction to narrowly miss us. It was then I fell back into my body and awoke in a panic. It took awhile to get back to sleep after!

Another time back when I was still training for the Olympics I met with Jesus and Mary in a dark place which I assume to be the Spirit world. We were actually all sitting in a big SUV truck talking with one another in the street of something that resembled a modern city. Then as I peered out the passenger side window I saw the most recent Olympic Champion running and screaming in celebration with his country's flag held high above his head. I caught his attention and invited him in the car to meet my new friends. Upon meeting Jesus and Mary he began sobbing uncontrollably. I wasn't sure what this encounter was supposed to mean, but after reflecting for a while Im starting to think that the couple was trying to show me what my current condition was and that I was in a similar place spiritually to the champion himself - not a good place :(

That's just a couple examples I can remember at the moment. Has anyone else had experiences similar to those?

Re: Seeing AJ and Mary in the Sleep state

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:36 pm
by LauraR
Hello MikeWithGod,
I believe I have had similar experiences. I have been able to help spirits in dark condition and have felt myself to be part of a class - a group of spirits gathering to learn about Divine Love. Although at this point I do not recall Jesus or Mary specifically in my dreams.
Also it feels lately that I am working more directly with my soul condition in my sleep. Like you, I have experienced tornado type weather - also earthquakes and erupting volcanos throwing huge molton rocks at me. Each time I somehow manage to escape injury. I am not sure if these are dreams or spirit state , but I am not in good condition.
I believe Jesus and Mary have said we can process emotion in our sleep state, which it sounds to me you might have done regarding the alchohol. However it is much more difficult because we do not have any of our usual facades we have when we are in physical. Because we don't have the facades in spirit we can behave in quite immoral ways.

My best to you and maybe we can meet-up in class one day :)

Laura Rule

Re: Seeing AJ and Mary in the Sleep state

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:16 pm
by Mike A.
I should probably clarify as I wasn't very clear in my first post. I had my emotional release involving alcohol abuse while I awake before I went to bed that night. The reason I was curious about processing things in the sleep state is because I often times wake up feeling a lot lighter and happier than I was before going to bed. But I am starting to think that I would probably remember any significant emotional processing in the sleep state if were actually receiving God's love. It doesn't make sense to me that I could have a strong emotional experience where God's love is received without being able to recall it at a later time. Just my my opinion though.

Re: Seeing AJ and Mary in the Sleep state

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:55 am
by LauraR
Hello Mike,
I apologize that I misunderstood your first post. I am not sure if we can process through an emotion in our sleep/spirit state, but I would agree with you that I think it would be something that we would remember. However I do not know for sure. I will most definitely let you know if I am able!
Laura Rule

Re: Seeing AJ and Mary in the Sleep state

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:08 pm
by maureen
Hi Mike,

Here is a short clip Where Dreams Come From where Jesus explains the different types of dreams we have. I find this helpful for myself when it comes to looking at my own dreams when I wake up.

I have dreams even last night...where I interact with "Jesus" but I wake up and realize after feeling for a while that what I am "remembering" as "Jesus" is actually just a way my guides are helping me to connect to the details of that dream emotionally and to the specific unhealed emotions that were unearthed and exposed through my feelings during my time in that dreamscape and throughout the various experiences I was having there. In last night's dream "Jesus" was a friend (in a much better condition than I was), calming walking with me through many of the scary and confusing labyrinths of my nightmarish world. But, his "presence" in the "memory" of that dream feels different to me than when I have been with Jesus and Mary in the past in sessions in the sleep state where they are teaching a group I am with or occasionally teaching me something personal to me. In those cases, it feels much more like a real sleep state interaction with their soul.

It is subtle at this stage, deciphering the differences...but it seems to about whether or not the specific details and nature of the particular dream itself that I am remembering is an attempt by my soul, along with my guides, to get me to feel something or to tend to emotions I am ignoring and not fully processing in my wake state. By associating certain people or specific details with the dream, I will have a better chance of remembering it emotionally as I think of those people or circumstances after awaking up and arriving back in this world.

Like in remembering my dream from last night, where I am in places and experiences that are much more full on when it comes to provoking my terror and confusion about certain things that I, in my awake state, can control exposure to, I can (vaguely at this stage) feel the truth of my real soul condition much more honestly in those first moments when I wake up...and if I can connect to those feelings (regardless of the details themselves...but only what the details provoke feeling-wise) I can benefit more and more from what I am doing while I am asleep and work with my dreams more on a continuum along with my awake life.

So, in the case of my dream, I can feel still this morning how confused I am at the sight of his stillness in the same world that I was terrified, hopeless and lost inside of. It was almost like we were in different worlds even though we were in the same physical places with the same people. And that helps me to see that it will benefit me to keep learning God's Truth about my family history and my right to a safe life and that, even though these people in my dreams are scary to me and have alot of injuries in them too, that it is possible to get into a different condition myself regardless of where they are. That is what having "Jesus" by my side felt like...and that is why I "remembered" my dreams as him having been there. It's like our dreams are transcribed to us in a way that our mind can use to associate the emotions contained in the dreams to us so we can recall the feelings provoked within those particular dream type experiences.

In this particular case, it could easily have been a different guide with me there who I would not recognize if I had remembered him, so I remembered him as being Jesus because the emotions are the same...but remembering him as Jesus helps me to use that dream to grow further in my awake state in continuation of that sleep state experience.

So, what is helping me to better understand and benefit and work more with my dreams is to linger there with the emotions that I am in when I first wake up and as I look toward those dreams. For example, am I feeling the truth about the real size of the terror still in my soul? Was I able to feel my emotions more there in that dream than I do in the environments I am in in my waking world? A world I have built in ways that "protect me" and keep me from connecting to those intense feelings? What are the different feelings stirring in me when I wake up? Why am I back there in grandmother's house? Why am I wandering around a confusing and scary world with "Jesus" by my side? What feels different about those places when "he" is "there" with me?

Here's one more clip on Dreams, Reality and Night Terrors with a bit more on processing emotions in our sleep state.


Re: Seeing AJ and Mary in the Sleep state

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:09 pm
by Mike A.
Thank you for the insight and the link Maureen :)

And no need to apologize Laura - I appreciate you sharing!



Re: Seeing AJ and Mary in the Sleep state

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 1:15 pm
by rizasukman
I have a question about the technicality of how to begin remembering dreams/sleep-state experience?

I dream occasionally and it is very insightful, which I usually enjoy and appreciate, but I don't remember anything most of the mornings after I wake up.

I know that in the past when I wrote down my dream upon waking in the middle of the night, I could recall the dream later on after re-reading the journal entry. Also, the dream makes sense (starkly obvious) when I read it later on in the day, as opposed to when I am half asleep and writing it down.

But, it's also been very beneficial to lie in bed right after waking and sink into the feeling of the dream, or even sit up the head of your bed with pillows behind and continue simmering and breathing into the dream's feeling tone.

Re: Seeing AJ and Mary in the Sleep state

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:58 pm
by Perry
At the moment I am still unable to distinguish a dream from a sleep state. In some cases my 'dreams' have felt so real, that I have felt they had to be 'sleep state'.

In terms of meeting Aj and Mary in sleep states, I cant say for sure. But I did have a spate of dreams where upon I was walking through what seemed like 'back streets'. As I was walking down these twisting roads and I would see Jesus in what appeared to be 'bar/pub' type places. He would have groups of people around him and he would be teaching them 'Divine Truths', as if he was giving one of his seminars. I would peer through the window, Jesus would see me and nod his head in acknowledgment of seeing me, and I would smile back and just carry on walking.

I had this kind of dream many a times.

(Kinda off topic)
One time after releasing some emotion, (in awake state) I then received some images of Jesus, sitting with whom I can only interpret as 'the 14' sitting around a table of sort, and I sensed that they were in the spirit world somewhere. They were discussing the plans of their own reincarnation process to Earth and the plans of their 'mission' when they got here. It was very emotional to see these images and it made me sob so much in gratitude.

I talked to Jesus about this experience and he told me that my guide helped me have this experience because around that time I had trust issues with Jesus and Mary, in regards to them saying who they were. My guide was trying to show me that 'God is good' and 'Jesus and Mary are good' and that all of this is True. It was an amazing experience.

I watched a Divine Truth clip just the other day (one of the old ones) and Jesus was telling the audience that he had met mostly all them before in sleep state- before meeting them that particular day.

My hunch is that I must have met up with Jesus and Mary in sleep state, but I don't remember.

Re: Seeing AJ and Mary in the Sleep state

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:15 pm
by Alex M
Hi Guys,

I felt attracted to this topic as I often feel inspired by what I feel are sleep state experiences. Initially, dreams and sleep states were the only way for me to receive truth as I was so confused by what spirits were telling me during the awake state.

I have seen myself at seminars being given by Jesus often in the sleep state. My partner and I often discuss our dreams and very often we both feel we were at Divine love function the previous evening. I have also seen myself at a workshop run by Mary.

Many of the gatherings are not just seminars but places where people are practicing desires and experimenting in their passions. It's pretty cool. I met some new people at the recent assistance group but felt strongly that I had spoken to them before somewhere.

Hey Perry,

I remember Jesus saying also that he watched many of us being born. (Or is it incarnate, I'm not sure now)