Ethics of Healing People Who Are Emotionally Resistive

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Ethics of Healing People Who Are Emotionally Resistive

Post by Amanda Stracey » Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:21 am

This clip fascinates me as there are lots of issues to ponder in it whether you are a healer or not, but the reason for posting it in this section is the information Jesus gives on the interaction between the operation of God's laws, resistance to emotions and disease forming in our bodies. It's a subject that fascinates me but currently I understand it very poorly (well I don't understand it yet) and want the quick fix of someone else healing me without the seemingly "laborious" and more painful process of releasing emotions.

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Re: Ethics of Healing People Who Are Emotionally Resistive

Post by Maxine » Fri Dec 25, 2015 1:49 pm

Hi Amanda,

I was a healer when I came across DT. I was also living in Glastonbury - new age capital. I believe that part of the reason I came across DT was that being there led me to question the authenticity of many new age beliefs. I also had a feeling that something wasn't ok with some of the healings I was doing: it didn't feel right that someone walked off the street, lay down and said heal me. Well that was the feeling I got from them at times and I felt something wasn't ok about this kind of passive , sometimes passive aggressive behaviour. Anyway, I was doubting lots of things and with other things praying for truth.

Once I had heard Jesus, the feeling got stronger and I decided that my own soul condition didn't make it ok for me to doing healing and then of course I saw some of the talks and so decided to stop doing healing. I will never forget Corny saying that if I can heal with Divine Love why would I do it any other way? He said work on yourself first.

The truth is of course is that I am in a very resistive state, as my cancer is telling me. I have been offered healing since I was diagnosed, but don't want it. Some of that is fear, based on the healer's own soul condition and the spirits with them and now watching this I realise it would be very wrong of me to even ask whilst being so resistive.

What has happened though is that the LOA bought me two events where I was given healing without being asked. I went for Cranial Sacral Therapy and an Indian Head Massage and both holistic therapists gave me healing. This is of course unethical, and for me a lesson in being really clear in what I do and don't want. One session was quite uncomfortable and I had disturbing vision and became of the healers guide - who felt, or believed herself very powerful and I felt triggered by my emotions about healing. Of course, my own fears and judgements were also triggered.

This is just an example of the "dangers" of giving healing without full awareness, particularly with the spirit influence involved and something I am very susceptible to and open to. I really hope to be a position one day where I can share the truth to those who want to know. I have a long way to go and I have unhealed emotions around the whole new age thing.

But first of course, I have my own resistance to deal with. Thank you for this clip. It is important we really look at this stuff and what causes our diseases. In fact, every disease only comes when we have ignored so many other LOA's in our life about ourselves - where God is trying to show us the truth, but we continue in our addictions. I intellectually accept I have caused my cancer, but emotionally accepting the depth of my addictions and spirit influence and the sin in all that I have been resistant to.

I may share more about it in fresh post. I may be resistant, but maybe my journey will be a knock on the door for someone else. Even in that statement there maybe an addiction. Sigh!

But I appreciate the LOA that showed me that clip today.


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