Denial leading to ailment and distance in relationship

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Denial leading to ailment and distance in relationship

Post by Niky » Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:02 am

A few weeks ago, I shut down an emotion due to the resistance around me wanting to shut me down and other reasons. I decided to put it off until another time. It had to do with my wanting to talk about things that interest or matters to me, topics that make my partner uncomfortable and angry. I got to see the effects of self denial. Some time later, my cat developed an abscess on her right abdomen and had to get it surgically drained, and then a 2 wk restriction ordeal post surgery. (actually I don't know if this is related, it's just the timing). Meanwhile, I've been feeling distant from my partner, having doubts like I've lost feelings. I realize or I think it's because I suppressed a part of myself around him. Then coincidentally this morning I woke up with a sudden intense pain in my right abdomen, same area as the cat, lasted only a minute though. Well, I plan on bring this topic back up with my partner, so that I can feel about it now, and face the consequences.

So suppression or putting off an emotion = physical ailment in pet and self, and emotional blockage/ distance in relationship if involves a partner.

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Re: Denial leading to ailment and distance in relationship

Post by Pierrejoseph » Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:05 am

Thanks Nicky for sharing. yes to my knowledge pet cats are known to take on people denied emotions, even up to dying. Dog do too in a lesser degree, amazing how God created this soul that affects so much everything and everybody around us when we are denying/repressing an emotion. Animal have no intellectual rational or layer of denials and resistance to feeling to avoid feeling it, they just express it, like babies. What a great help...for us. Well, that brings the question how loving is it to have a pet as long as we deny our emotions? Well, I get maybe a bit far from topics... So if your partner where fully sensitive, he would feel pain at the same place as you do I guess? I am amazed at contemplating how suppressing one single emotion can create so many painful consequences for us and the world around us.

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