Facing Personal Truth

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Facing Personal Truth

Post by Alan » Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:33 am

Ran across this in my files today, quite by "accident." Sorry for the cut and paste and lack of formating it was a pdf.

Facing Personal Truth
A letter to various people discussing the need to take personal
emotional responsibility and face the truth emotionally within
oneself if one truly desires at-onement with God
Written By
Jesus (as AJ)
On 27th August 2006
this online edition published by
Divine Truth, USA
Draft Copy

1. Facing Personal Truth.................................................................................................................... 1
Introduction............................................................................................................................................................. 1
Living in Harmony With God’s Love..................................................................................................................... 1
Some Reminders About Emotional Clearing.......................................................................................................... 2
Some Practical Advice............................................................................................................................................ 3

1. Facing Personal Truth
Well, I am now back in Australia after 3.5 months away overseas in the USA (Dallas, Miami, Port Charlotte, New York),
Barbados, Canada (St John), and England. I came home via Singapore to Perth Western Australia, where I spent two weeks
with John before returning home.
My greetings again to everyone I met, and the new people who I became friends with as well. I miss all of you, and I am sure
we will catch up again within the next 6 months or so. There are so many things I could talk about with regard to the trip
away, but it is better that when I see each of you next if you have questions I would be happy to respond to them.
I did not take a camera with me on my journey this time, and so I do not have any photo’s to show you. Sorry about that. I
am not one for taking photo’s (or being in photo’s very much), mostly because I prefer to have the experiences without
having to be conscious of taking a record. But, the downside is now I do not have photo’s of all of the beautiful people I have
met, so next time I will be more diligent.
One thing I have noticed during my travels is that many persons still feel frustration in their progression towards their
Heavenly Father, and I would like to discuss in more detail with you all what I see as the primary reason for this condition of
frustration and a feeling that many have that they are still not progressing very rapidly towards their Heavenly Father.
Living in Harmony With God’s Love
Rapid progression towards God, and therefore rapid reception of His Divine Love which makes this progression possible, can
only be obtained by a soul that continually lives in harmony with Truth with regard to its own desires and longings to receive
Divine Love.
When we say or think that we have a desire to really have more Divine Love flow into our soul, and yet we are not conscious
of receiving that Love, then we must face an important truth, and that is; We do not have a pure sincere desire that comes
from the soul. When I have mentioned this to some, they have become offended with me, as they believe they do have a
sincere and pure desire. Then I ask them if they feel the sensations of the Divine Love entering their soul on a consistent basis
(ie. every day for most hours of the day). Most answer truthfully that they do not. I then ask them why this is the case. Most
do not feel they know, but they assure me they have a pure desire for the Divine Love.
But if we have a pure sincere desire from the soul, our Father would immediately respond to our soulful longing, and give us
more of His Love. He never delays the delivery of His Love to the soul who truthfully desires it. Never, ever does He
withhold that which is sincerely desired with a pure motive from the soul. God is completely Faithful in His Laws of Love,
and He never fails to respond to a sincere pure desires. It is very important we understand this one vital fact. If we are not
receiving the Love, and yet we think we are longing for it, then the cause our not receiving it is not God’s “mysterious ways”
as some may call it, but rather that our own longings and desires are not pure, truthful or sincerely motivated.
The Holy Spirit is the connection via which our soul is connected to God’s, and which allows the flow of His Divine Love
into our own soul when it is longed for. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of Truth. The Holy Spirit cannot maintain a connection
with our soul when our soul is in a condition of having impure, untruthful or insincere desires. If we choose to lie or withhold
the truth about our passions, desires, longings and feelings, even to ourselves, then we automatically break the connection
with the Holy Spirit, and from that moment, it becomes impossible for our Father to give us more of His Love until we reestablish
the connection by living in emotional truth. This is totally dependant on our own thoughts, words, and actions,
which are motivated by our own true feelings and emotions, and God will not, and cannot without breaking His Own Laws,
which He shall never do, give us the Love we think we desire when we are exercising our Free Will in a way that is
preventing a connection with the Holy Spirit.
There are sins of omission and commission in regards to Truth. We involve ourselves in a sin of commission when we lie,
since a lie, given for whatever reason, and made either to ourselves, to God or to another person, is the result of a desire on
our part to misrepresent the truth. A desire to misrepresent truth comes from an emotion within us that is in disharmony with
happiness and God’s Laws (even the Laws of Natural Love), and it is this emotional cause we need to find, address and
release before we can act with a pure desire.
We involve ourselves in a sin of omission when we withhold the truth from ourselves, from God, or from others. When we
withhold the truth, and fail to be open or transparent in our dealings with ourselves, others or God, since withholding the truth
is also motivated by desires or emotions within us that are in disharmony with God’s Laws and happiness, we will need to
find, address and release these emotional causes of our desire to withhold truth before we can expect to continue to receive
God’s Love.
In other words, if we lie or even cover over the truth, and omit to be open and transparent with ourselves, God or others, then
we are also involved in a sin of commission or omission towards Truth, and the result of that sin will be that we will break
the connection with God’s Holy Spirit, and His Divine Love will no longer be able to flow into our soul. Without truth,
Divine Love cannot flow.
Even if our own condition is not observable to ourselves, our Creator and every Celestial spirit is completely aware of every
fault, error, belief, desire, passion, emotion and longing within us that is opposing our souls reception of God’s Love. They
are all waiting for US to become conscious of the error WITHIN OURSELVES. I must emphasize this! God waits for US to
become conscious of the ERROR within OURSELVES before He can give us more of His Divine Love. It is our
responsibility to find the errors within ourselves, although we have the assistance of God, our Celestial friends, all of those in
a better spiritual condition than ourselves, and also other synchronistic events involving any person or situation which can
demonstrate to us our own errors. Our soul will attract the events and circumstances required to expose within ourselves our
own errors, and this is one of the operations of the Divine Law of Attraction.
So we need to come to see ourselves as we truly are from God’s perspective, rather than how we wish to be perceived by
ourselves or others. One of the greatest causes of stagnation with regard to the reception of Divine Love is our personal desire
to retain false mental concepts of ourselves in an effort to avoid a confrontation with our emotions of error within.
Some Reminders About Emotional Clearing
Our Father, since He always Loves us and wants us to find the correct path, is always using his angels and events and
circumstances to confront our own errors within, and He has constructed the Laws of Attraction to enable the soul to become
confronted with its own error, and this Law operates whether a person has received Divine Love or not.
A soul in error will generally attract pain and suffering to itself, whether that pain be physical in nature (which is usually the
result of the active denial of emotions within), or emotional. Generally, many of us have a large amount of fear of dealing
with our internal emotions, and so, because of this fear, we also need an even greater amount of physical and emotional pain
before we are willing to face our own internal truth. Truth exposes all fears as False Expectations Appearing Real, and once
we are perfected in Divine Love, we will have no fear. “Perfect Love throws fear aside.”
Almost all physical suffering is emotionally caused. All physical and emotional suffering is the result of sin, whether that sin
be of our own making, or the result of the sins of the parents, environment, culture and so on being visited upon our soul, and
then, as a subsequent effect, upon our spiritual and material bodies. The effects of ALL sin can be removed from within us,
no matter what or who is the cause, depending on our personal and pure desire to enter a deeply loving personal relationship
with our Creator. As we receive His Divine Love, this Love has a purifying effect on our soul, which, in turn, affects the
condition of our spiritual and physical bodies towards the state that they no longer experience suffering. If we continue to
progress until we are in a condition of at-onement with God, at that time even on earth all suffering will cease, except for that
caused by others exercising their free will towards us in disharmony with God’s Laws (and even those effects are sharply
Our Father created our body as a perfect system to measure pain, and pain is always an indicator that something is wrong
within ourselves. Physical pain is a response provided for the protection of our material body, and emotional pain for the
protection of our spiritual body.
For example, if we put our hand on a hot stove, we will quickly feel the pain of a burn, and this causes us to respond in a way
that protects our hand from being burnt to a cinder and totally damaged. So the pain is a protection for our physical body, and
a reminder that placing our body in the path of fire will damage our own body. This causes us to exercise care with potential
situations which may cause this pain.
In a similar way, emotional pain is a reminder that if we continue a course of action which is in disharmony with our own
creation, we will continue to bear its consequences. For example, if I continue to express my anger with everyone who walks
into my path, eventually I will be left completely alone or in the company of other angry people, since no-one who is peaceful
will want or value my company. I am continuing to sin, and while I continue to sin my souls condition continues to degrade. I
must find a way to release my anger and connect to my sadness that does not harm others, myself, or God’s living creation.
Taking the emotional example further, if I choose to not release the sadness that causes my anger, and if I then choose to
continue to suppress the anger and sadness, eventually I will become depressed, and I will be so unhappy that I will feel that
life is not worth living. However, once I connect with my sadness, realize the truth about it, and release it and talk to my
Father about it, now the operation of His Love will help me overcome the sadness completely so that its cause will be
forgotten, and in addition as a result of the cause being removed, I will not be able to get angry nor become depressed.
So, my emotional pain is an indicator that I have emotions, beliefs, practices, thoughts, words or actions that are, or I am
living in an environment that is, in disharmony with God’s Laws, and to no longer experience emotional pain I must choose
to realize, and release the soul based causes of the emotional pain. In other words, I must choose to CHANGE and have an
emotional desire to do so.
Some Practical Advice
As I have said, one of the greatest causes of stagnation is our own refusal to humbly accept our own true emotional and
spiritual condition, and then choosing to develop a desire to change that condition. While we desire to retain false mental
concepts of ourselves, and wish to project to others a false impression of whom we really are, it will be impossible for us in
that condition to receive more of our Father’s Love.
So how do we go about determining who we really are? It is difficult asking others, because unless they are in an obviously
better spiritual and emotional condition than we are ourselves, they too may have erroneous concepts of Truth and Love, and
they may then teach us even more erroneous concepts which we will later have to remove from our own soul in order to
Do we even really want to know who we really are? Or are we content to retaining a false concept of ourselves while we live
on earth, preferring to live in a condition of ignorance? Eventually, whether we do it now or later, and whether we do it
kicking and screaming against all of the Laws of God (which will cause us great amounts of additional emotional and
physical pain), or working in harmony with those laws (which is the least painful method), we will at some time need to have
a pure desire to truly know ourselves, and this applies whether we follow the path to the perfection of our Natural Love, or
the Divine Love path.
Surely, the best thing for us to decide is to be completely open and honest with ourselves, others, and especially our Creator,
about our own true emotional and spiritual condition.
Coming from a position of having a sinful nature, how to we achieve this? A sinful nature means that we will generally have
a pre-disposition to deny our own true condition due to all of the emotions of error within us. In addition, we may actually
desire or have a passion for things that are in disharmony with God’s Moral or Ethical Laws (Laws of Natural Love), and
while we continue to believe these things are able to be practiced without penalty, we continue to worsen the condition of our
own soul, and therefore increase its pain until we recognize the truth.
The only way I can progress consistently and without limit is to emotionally accept that I am in a condition of error, that only
God is the source of Absolute Truth, and that I must generate within me a pure desire to seek for and find His Truth. This is
the only path that will set me free. To do this, I must begin to see myself how God sees me, and I must desire from the heart
to come to know Him and His Truths. I must become God-Reliant. A side benefit of this course of action is that I will also
come to know myself completely, and I will place myself in the condition of being able to receive God’s Divine Love
consistently. His Love is the only substance that can transform me into a Divine Angel, and it will also create within me
untold happiness.
If I am not conscious of the Divine Love entering my soul, and assuming I think I desire it to enter me, then there must be
something wrong within myself for this condition to exist. Although I think I desire His Love, I must not have a sincerely
motivated pure desire for it. So I must question my self truthfully and openly if I want to move beyond this condition of
stagnation in regards to receiving and experiencing my Father’s Love.
I do this by asking myself a few important questions on a daily basis. These are;
1. What events are currently happening in my life that demonstrate I am out of harmony with God’s Love
and how have I attracted these events to my life?
2. What emotions within me are triggered by these events and are those emotions in harmony with Truth and
3. Do I feel any emotional or physical pain? If so, what reasons within my beliefs, emotions, desires or
passions could there be for my experiencing this pain?
4. How do I portray myself to others, am I being emotionally truthful and open?
5. Am I still doing things that God or a Celestial angel would not do?
6. How do I really feel inside, and what tools am I using to deny my feelings?
7. Have all my actions been moral and ethical? If not, what is the emotional cause for my being immoral or
As most who know me realize, I have a notebook with me most of the time. I then use this notebook to write down things that
I notice in my life that are not in harmony with my Father’s Laws of Love, based on my own honest answers to these
questions. I then make those subjects a matter for prayer with my Father.
Coming from a condition of sin, sometimes during my progression I have felt physical pain and yet not been able to identify
its emotional or spiritual cause. Or I have experienced frustration. During this time I make the subject a matter of intense
prayer to my Father, asking Him to demonstrate to me using whatever methods are at his disposal over the next few days
what the true cause may be. I then make an effort to take notice of the events and circumstances that happen over the next
few days to see what my Father is telling me is the cause of the issue. I am particularly careful to take notice of everything,
even those things of what may normally be called minor, since I have found that it is often the instant mental dismissal of
something that has been presented to me many times that has been the cause of the stagnation. He is so Merciful and
Generous towards me that He keeps on showing me what is wrong within me even when I have repeatedly ignored the issue,
and the closer I return to Him the more I remember the consistency of His Love.
I do these things and much more because what I desire the most in my life is to know my Creator intimately. This desire has
been with me for as long as I can remember. My relationship with Him is my passion. He is my never ending love. It is
difficult for me to describe in words how intense this desire for God is within me, and I cannot keep from weeping just
thinking about it. Every other desire within me is subservient. I realize that I cannot keep coming closer to Him without
confronting all and any error within me that keeps me distant from Him, and just as my desire for Him is personal, passionate
and real, so too I take personal responsibility for the condition within me that prevents my progression towards Him. While
my soul exists, this will forever be the state I seek.
It is not possible to reach God without facing personal truth. Without seeing things as they really are within our own personal
emotional and spiritual condition. We cannot fake it until we make it, we cannot counterfeit passion for God, it either exists
as a real substantial emotional feeling, or it does not exist and needs to be developed and nurtured by coming to know the
Divine Truth. We cannot fake a desire for Divine Truth, we either have a passion for knowledge, or we need to be willing to
remove the emotions within us that cause us to reject it.
So rather than becoming frustrated with your progression, allow yourself to re-examine your own feelings, desires, passions
and longings, and be totally willing to face the Truth about yourself as God sees you. If you do, you will find that your
relationship with Him will forever grow.
I have re-read this email, and although it does not fully express my feelings perfectly, I hope that it has been helpful to you.
Please remember that I love you very much, and my desire is that you continue to grow ever closer to your Father.
Bye for now

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Re: Facing Personal Truth

Post by Pierrejoseph » Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:45 am

Lovely letter and truth to read again.... and again and again until it drops bit by bit to my resistive heart.

The thing that keeps me wanting more and not to give up getting one day on the Way (that I am not yet on) despite periods of depression and despair, and periods where my worlk takes over all my focus and energy, and moments of avoidance and physical/emotional addictions again and again, is my heartfelt desire to grow in love for others and myself (and stop hurting them/myself), and so to open to the truth of my sins, and I dearly hope in the process of opening to more of God's truth about me and becoming more God's/Truth reliant, to refine my desire for God and His Love as well as a result of it. I find the more I'm open emotionally to truth/being humble and want to correct the wrong I do and did, the easier it is to feel Gods and the angels support. When I occasionally have praid for Jesus help as well, it has been very helpful as I could somehow feel his loving presence around.

So I just want to tell everybody, never give up, and yes..., I feel it is time for me after listing for 4years+ to DT, to make a choice for God-s reliance or go on with self reliance for a long period of time....as Sonya told us in the mediumship session from a celestial spirits group to people attending the AG, and the AG comes soon, just at this turning point. Very exciting moments. Hope I am able to receive the gift for its true value. I am attempting these days to let go the addictive relationships with the spirits around me before coming there to and become more opened to receive the gift of truth.

Thank you for posting this letter
Thank you to Jesus and Mary for setting up this coming AG.
Thank you to the great FB session to Peter and Eloisa which enlightened me a lot about inter gender issues I need to face for myself. I feel a bit a mirror of Eloisa versus women as she is versus men/Peter. Lack of self love, shame and self punishment is not only a big sin for self, but also create so much neediness and manipulation of others. You are very courageous to receive this FB guys. Congrat and thank you because your courage is helping others as well.

All these thoughts arise form reading this letter concerning personal truth and I am very excited about the month to come that will reveal how we really desire truth and it will be an opportunity to grow our desire and awareness of truth.


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Re: Facing Personal Truth

Post by Pierrejoseph » Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:20 pm

Sorry, I just realized Alan was banned. Good stuff for the soul anyway.

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Re: Facing Personal Truth

Post by Courtney » Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:40 pm

I had been wondering if the whole thing Alan posted here was an outline or transcript from a seminar of Jesus and Mary's or is it all something he made up in his own words?

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Re: Facing Personal Truth

Post by maureen » Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:03 pm

Hi Courtney,

Here is the pdf....Facing Personal Truth


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Re: Facing Personal Truth

Post by Courtney » Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:06 pm

Cool thanks Maureen! It sure sounded exactly like their verbiage but wanted to be certain.

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