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A dream about soulmates

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 4:00 am
by Alejandro CL
I would like to share a dream I had several months ago about soulmates. I felt inspired by LisaQ & Nicky messages:
LisaQ wrote:I'm noticing how when I let myself feel about my soulmate (...) Has anyone had this experience of being rejected by their soulmate, and had success in processing through this very deep pain?
Nicky wrote:Hi Alejandro
Welcome to the forums.
You said:
but the other day I had this dream (...) and thus I an looking to experiment on this relation with God
I feel this is a good and accurate explanation of the process. There are 3 main points of focus when drawing our soul-mate:
1) Progressing in Love
2) Facing personal Truth
3) Acting in your true passions and desires
(...) Nicky
I think it might be a small and basic truth about soulmates but hopefully it might help someone to keep a message hope in your hearts and in your souls. I will do my best to convert the beautiful images into words, this dreams is one of the first that caused a big impression on my heart right after I start learning about DT and this dreams is the following:

I had different sections on my dream of this particular night, but I will focus on the part that relates to soulmates.

In this dream I am at some type of building with a lot of store or houses, it gives me the impression that it is a small market were you can get cloth and food and a group of persons are walking together but I can only recall 3 of them: the teacher, David and myself. (David is a friend of my present work, we get along very well on the job but have had little interactions outside of the work environment, however I like working with him).

This teacher feels like a mysterious person to myself, even if I can not seem to look at his shape very clearly I can sense that he has a greater understanding of love compared to myself and David, for some reason we are all following him to a special place outside of this building; during our walk David ask the teacher how can he retain his soulmate relation, because every time that he feels that he is attracting his soul mate something bad happens in his or her life and he end up failing to have a good relationship with his soulmate.

Finally after a short walk we come to a big and beautiful landscape. This place looks like a painting only better, with big mountains far away from the reach of the eye, a small lake close by that later becomes a river; this river feels full of life, even if you can not actually see it you are aware that it is full with fishes of all type of colors. Between the mountains and this lake we can see a big forest, it looks like most of them are pines, next to the lake there is a small plain that almost invite you take a rest and enjoy the view, and above all this beauty of the nature that feels in perfect balance, you can see a big blue sky, it is very shiny day the sun is huge but it does not burns. All this that I described are the impressions that my soul perceived just by looking this landscape for less than a second.

The teacher is sharing this view with all of us, for some reason I later realize that we are not actually there but it feels like we where there. Right after looking at this beautiful landscape, he explains that soulmates are like this two ducks that are crossing the blue sky of this landscape. At the time that he says this we start to see how two ducks came in flying together, there are playing and enjoy their flight above the forest. Suddenly one of them separates and start flying in a completely different direction, the other duck does not realize at first but once it does, it immediately tries to catch the other duck that has increased their distance at least three times. The teacher later explains that you do not need to worry about your soulmate, instead all you need to worry is about growing towards God and your soulmate will naturally feel more attracted to yourself. While he explains this it looks like the duck just heard this and stop chasing the other duck, it forgets about the landscape and flights towards the sun, the sun is really big and its rays forms spheres around it, and this spheres grow like an infinite ladder towards the sun.

The more the duck flights directly towards the sun we can feel something different from the duck that tries to flight away, it is more difficult for this duck to try to flight away from each other because it can feel an attraction that increases as it's duckmate flights towards the sun. The attraction then became too strong to resist and it flights back to meet again with its duckmate until such a point where both ducks, again, flight together towards the sun.

This short film started to fade away in the air, but a small flame of hope kept burning inside of me and then I woke up feeling a bit different.


This is end of my dream, this day I woke up feeling really happy and eager to start a relationship with God. I do not think I have had much progress on it but I am still trying to become more truthful to myself and others and work on understanding my emotional blockages towards God.

I think I can summarize this lesson in the following words "You do not need to worry about attracting your soulmate, all you need to do is grow towards God and your soulmate will naturally feel attracted to yourself". I am yet to fully understand this lesson with my soul, I hope that I have delivered the message in the way that it has touched my soul and I did not made any misinterpretations, if so, feel free to correct me. But I hope that what I have shared to you can help you in your progress towards God and your soulmate as well.

With love,

Re: A dream about soulmates

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:19 pm
by LauraR
Hello Alejandro,

Thank you very much for sharing your dream about soulmates. You described the imagery beautifully and the message is perfect. Keep God first - always.

Love to you,


Re: A dream about soulmates

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:20 pm
by Jenny
This is beautiful, Alejandro. Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It remind me of one of my favorite passages in the bible, "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." - Matthew 6:33.

I'm going to see that man that I feel is my soulmate in a few weeks and think about him constantly and wonder how he will perceive me when we meet. I've been distracted from my relationship with God while all this obsessing has been going on. What a beautiful reminder that my true home is with God, and all other things WILL be added to me when I seek Her first. I reckon that it won't even matter so much if my soulmate loves me, because my love for him and for God will be enough. God is so good.

Much love,


Re: A dream about soulmates

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:02 am
by Alejandro CL
Hi Laura and Jenny:

I am glad that you liked it, I shared it with the purpose to be a reminder for everyone about this basic truth regarding soulmates.
This will also serve as a reminder to myself since I still need to learn about this truth.