I believe I meet my soul mate

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I believe I meet my soul mate

Post by Pam » Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:09 am

I was married to Ken and divorce him for being unfaithful. And it was years later that I meet my boy friend Monty. I believe he might be my soul mate. He is perfect and treats me so much better then my ex did.

He is a big help at the grocery store and lifts heavy things for me and even works on my car and accepts my kids. He doesn't mind if my kids tag along with us on a date. He is a family kind of guy. He is Methodist and I am Charismatic. I have been to his church a few times and he is also an ordain minister. His church services are a little different then what I am used too but they have an angelic feel to them. We read from a book with the pastor. He knows I am Charismatic and I don't know how he will react when I take him to a Charismatic service. My kids love him.

I used to take lots of walks at night asking God when is this special guy going to come into my life? And God would always tell me to be patient that good things comes to those who wait.

My ex and me have been separate since 1999 and divorced since 2002. For years no one paid any attention to me. My friend Crystal email me one night and said "Can I introduce you to my friend Monty?" She invited me to go on a double date with her and her husband and we went on two double dates with them. Then a year later Monty and I begin to date on a regular bases. It all started on Valentine of this year.

I am naturally attracted to younger men and Monty is a lot older then me. He will be celebrating his 61 birthday this Monday. He is cute for his age, and he is in really good shape and in better health then me. He loves me even though I am fat so I have to love him for being a little old and having no teeth. He does wear fake teeth so you can't tell his teeth is fake. I know it is the heart that counts not how young someone looks. I am going to be 50 this October but I look ten years younger then my actual age. I told Monty he has to have me a party since I am going to be half a century old.

I have a feeling that Monty is the one. My dad and brothers haven't meant him yet but I have a feeling they will love him. All my friends who meet him really like him. This I think is a good sign. My dad and mom never liked my ex and my older brother and wife didn't like him either. I married against their wishes and at first it seemed things turn out good for me. We moved to Tulsa Oklahoma and went to Bible school and was in ministry together but he lived a doubled life. He preached and did ministry work but lived an adulteress life behind my back and went to prison leaving me with five kids to raise on my own. I was young and foolish back then and in love and didn't listen to my parents. I believe this second time around is going to work out for me.

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