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Re: Practical prayer

Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:57 am
by Niky
I was just watching this video the other day https://youtu.be/L8obGra9t0k "Jesus on Building Dialogue with God." And copied this piece of the transcript into my notes:

[01:05:10.25] Jesus: In terms of when I feel God's Emotions, that's usually when I've worked on something that's just been released, so I'm still releasing emotion. So what happens is that I feel God all the time, but I know that I'm not receiving Divine Love all the time yet, and particularly I'm going through some self-loathing type emotions at the moment as well, which Tristan's obviously going through as well. So while I've got those emotions there's a blockage between God and me, so I can feel that blockage. But even if that's the case, I'm talking to God constantly through that process.

So every single moment pretty much of most days, I'm constantly communicating with God about where I'm at right now, how can I face this emotion. I may ask God to bring me Law of Attraction events so I can face it. I'm getting quite a lot of them in rapid succession occurring ‒ so much so that some days it's hard to get some sleep because of the amount of Law of Attraction events. But what I'm finding now is I'm really right down to the core now involving my own emotional processing and feel that there's sort of like this one big core emotion within me that been chipped away at lots of different levels now.

So my relationship with God though is just like God's my dad or my mum ‒ I often think of Him as either ‒ and I'm constantly talking to God all through the day, even while I'm speaking with you; I'm often feeling my feelings about God through that process.
.... What I try to do is I try to make my whole being in line with what I'm communicating with God about. So that means my thoughts, my emotions, all in that one direction...

[01:09:28.15] Jesus: So a lot of it is about being truthful with God, too. I'm constantly trying to be truthful in my life. "Yes, this is how I feel." Own up to how you're feeling on a pretty constant basis. What I find about talking about it with God is a lot easier than actually owning it up to yourself, sort of thing. It's like, when you talk about it with God, you're saying, "Yeah, thanks God I can see that that ..." just like having a conversation with God, "I can see this emotion in me now, what can I do about it?" And allow myself just to continue in this constant dialogue with God. Then as you deal with the emotion, you'll feel God's dialog in return. So as you release the emotion, you'll feel very strong confirmation, "Yeah that was a causal emotion," or "No you're not there yet, you need to go further. These are the emotions you need to go with." Also now I'm feeling a lot more of God's Love in the sense of feeling protection, feelings of security and protection from God. [01:10:34.00] In the last few months, I know I've had people in our audience at times who have been urged by spirits to kill me, and I can feel that urging occurring, but I feel actually quite safe myself because I can feel that protection that God is giving me at the same time.

more in this Transcript: https://www.divinetruth.com/www/en/pdf/ ... cript).pdf

Re: Practical prayer

Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 1:34 am
by lindabest
Nicki, thanks so much for posting Jesus' words on his own prayer life. I'm sure I'll be referring to his words again and again Prayer has never been easy with me, and I'm not really sure I'm praying when I feel I'm communicating with God. For me prayer comes from feeling, and communcating with God about it. Words are difficult. I'm so glad for the Lord's Prayer. Now that I have Truth, I go to God about whether it's God or spirits. Celestial spirits, who are at one with God, are spirits I want to communicate with. I go to God with a lot of questions. I really want to be able to discern God. I'm sure I have a relationship with God. Now, I know God is not only daddy, but thankfully, mommy too. I can see myself as a small child with my arms around her neck, kissing her. I truly love God. There is no doubt at all about that. And if I have such passionate feelings of love for God, I know God loves me more. So, God is my mom. I'm so glad to know God is both mom and dad. Linda

Re: Practical prayer

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 4:20 pm
by lindabest
I was reading "Relationship with God: Praying for Divine Love" (June 20,2009) "What is prayer? Prayer is a longing from the soul that is in harmony with truth and with your desires and passion. Whatever you have a passion for will be a prayer. If the passion is in harmony with love, the prayer will be heard by God. If your longing is not harmonious with love, then the prayer is usually heard by a lot of other people in the spirit world who are not harmonious with God. This helps you go in the opposite direction.
When you live your life every day, knowing God is real to you, everything that happens to you, you think about your relationship with God and how it affects you....all the time, because you love God so much. Your relationship with God is the most important relationship you will ever develop. Understand that at the soul level, at the emotional level. Otherwise, you're not on the divine path. {00:41:43}
Develop desire. Prayer is about developing desire and understanding what's going on within yourself and how God connects to you. That's what the Padgett sample prayer is all about. Allow these desires to build and develop.
Emotions of self deception prevent your connection with God. The primary understanding that needs to get to us at the soul level, is the understanding that God loves you. God is a real person who loves you: the greatest relationship you will ever have. When you have God as your closest relationship, every other relationship will be enhanced because of that relationship. Your relationship with your soulmate will be enhanced. (00:43:06)
There is a huge progression between the 6th sphere and the 22nd sphere soul union state. In soul union, the two of you are one in all things. (00:43:42) Nothing else can give you that except your relationship with God. In the 1st century I said "...all these other things will be added to you"
if you develop your relationship with God. All of your worldly worries will be sorted out if you put your relationship with God first. All of these things will come to you because God's Law of Attraction will markedly change as you work through these things with God. Many worries are not even real. When you're at-one with God, you won't worry again. When at-one with God, you are the most powerful being you can be. You will never fear again.
How joyous is that? (00:45:10)
God wants to connect with you at the soul level. God wants to connect with us about our emotions, passions and desires--until we become so influenced by this connection with God, thatl it transforms your soul. (00:37:10--00;38:14). It's your heart that God feels and hears.(00:39:21)
"Apostle John prayed. By the time I passed, John was one of the most developed persons on earth, aside from my soulmate. John learned to long.(00:40:10)