Prayer on Earth vs Prayer in Spirit World

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Re: Prayer on Earth vs Prayer in Spirit World

Post by Darragh » Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:06 pm

I wish to say a few things about prayer on earth, and I'm obviously doing that right now :) by typing away in this text box.... I haven't thought to say a prayer in the sleep state! I will note that now and print it out for my bedside table to make an intention of before I sleep tonight. Here is my prayers on earth.

I pray to all that they may see past my façade and appearance to who I truly am.
I pray to all that they receive my love as a predecessor to all my errors and misgivings and expressions.
I pray the creator that to direct me to the inner workings I have received in birth.
I pray to myself to view the world from my first blink and to cast out the décor of sin.
I pray to those in the spirit world and invite them to understand.
I pray to myself to remove the shroud between my physical and spirit body.
I pray that my intentions now lead me to the source of all my fear, and may the shadow of fear allow my love to enter humself.

I currently stand on the following principles (open to change), I feel that the shift from a logical point of view only to a more holistic point of view, for lack of better words, lead me to a new awareness. Now, today I can see that perhaps "fear" in its beautiful complexity is the next horizon. Notice how its an independent magnitude that we cant help but attach to aspects of ourselves, others, inanimate objects even... So, what is the source of this shadow...

So in the spirit world I could quantify my fear (not in a measuring jug) in the feeling of a wholeness and not part, Unimpeded, and as the very "gem" that powers all my fear based thoughts and actions. This is where it may become illogical for most because of our understanding of time. In the spirit world I say there is no time and feelings are like the thinnest piece of glass that is only as strong as it is fed anyone's time, so the less time you feed your fear the closer you can get to it. When I stop fearing, it shatters. You can counterflow feelings to feel the source. That was fun to write! Of course I open my thoughts and love to the Conscious Earth Grid and to the emotional Universal Grid. Anything outside that!...I'm not getting a reception... :)

SO my Prayer tonight will be for the spirit world which i will imagine in a box that I will carry with me into relaxation and then to sleep. I cant imagine it anything other than flicking a switch....

I pray to the beautiful complexity of fear and to the source of my fear that casts the shadow wrapping my thoughts, and with gratitude for the experience, that we now part ways, with the help of god. And so it is done.

So! there you have my take on an Earth prayer V Spirit world prayer. Have a wonderful day everyone...

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