'Finding' Passion & Desire & The Use of Our Will

What do you really want? It's completely up to you
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'Finding' Passion & Desire & The Use of Our Will

Post by Mary » Sun Nov 08, 2015 1:51 am

I enjoyed this recent article:


It highlights a number of truthful topics.

1. They way you spend your time is actually a good reflection of what you really value and love.

So if for example you say you are passionate about God but only spend 5 minutes a week actually exploring that relationship then the truth is that your current soul based will and passions lie in another area.

(see Jesus' "What is Your Treasure?" talk for more info)

2. How childlike and joyful actually being in loving soul based passions can be

3. How most of us have suppressed our true, personality based passions due to external injury based influences in our childhood which we took on have now morphed into fears and addictions in our adulthood.

That is why so many people feel 'lost' when it comes to what they are passionate about - internally they are resisting humility to their fear and grief about potential rejection and/or financial lack and therefore become quite disconnected from their childlike feelings of enthusiasm for things.

However, I also agree with the author that in most cases some form of the person's true nature, personality and passions are still influencing their actions and activities in life.

There are probably more things I could add but I thought I'd just post it as others might find it interesting to read.

Warning: this author is passionate about his topic and uses a number of swear words to make his point. Just so you know.


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Re: 'Finding' Passion & Desire & The Use of Our Will

Post by Lena » Tue Nov 17, 2015 9:11 pm

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your words on this subject and for sharing the article. I was laughing and crying a little, while reading. Mark, while a little rude I thought, but blunt in his very accurate article. I loved it.
And yep only 'yesterday' I felt just like those 1400 what ever people who have emailed him.
It was such a stubborn problem for me, it just wouldn't go away, no matter how long I thought about it. Well to be honest I felt like that for probably 15 years or so, right up until 6 or 12 months ago.
And at the end I was just afraid, or better put, I was avoiding to feel a number of fears, while 'looking" for my passion.
It turned out more simple than I thought, all I wanted to do, is to continue doing what I was doing and continue to develop more and more of my ideas and projects.

Going back in time, 6-8 years back, when I was feeling about what I was doing with a job I was feeling depressed about, and hating it, well, I was a sales rep, and dealing with people was a very enjoyble part of my day. But selling was not. Being of service was. But annoying customers with something they didn't naturally need or looking for new customers, was not. I wish I had the skill then to break it down like that and just to feel the emotions about how moral my job was, and what I didn't like about it, it is clear now to me why I wanted to change it.
But when I was at a point of panic and not knowing what to do, it all seemed too hard to figure out.
So I understand why some people, just like me back then, would feel confused. As that was the stage for me too, for a long time, as I didn't want to analyse at least briefly, what I liked and what I didn't like about that job.

And I think Mark is right in saying that "it finds" you. I have enterpreted it as when I started looking for what I wanted instead of my old job and started to experiment with at least the smallest idea and opportunity for long enough, God brought more opportunities, which i had a choice to either take or egnore them.

I also know some people who have changed their careers entirely, however number of their skills and experiences was always transferred no matter how different the job was.
So I now don't believe there is time wasted when doing something either, which I in the past I believed there was and I used it to pressure myself and to pull myself down.

I now can see how much damage my and my family's judgement did to my ability to experiment in life. To continue playing on the playground that life is without obnoxious need for a facade or judgement if I am not 'together' by the age of 25.

Anyways, awesome article!

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Re: 'Finding' Passion & Desire & The Use of Our Will

Post by Eloisa » Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:54 am

Thanks for sharing the article Mary, I really enjoyed reading it.

I enjoyed reading your reflections on the subject too Lena.
I reckon you hit the nail on the head when you mention fears, family false beliefs and negative projections. Man, are they debilitating, restricting and generally passion destroying. It is so great we learnt about this stuff (Principles of God's Truth) now from AJ and Mary, imagine if it had been another thirty years!!!

I am really excited to see where your guys passions and desires are going to continue to lead!! I feel so grateful to you both for your love of sharing Truth with the world - Mary through the material you and Jesus are gifting us and Lena through all the production side you and Igor do!! Thank you!

It is so interesting how we often don't see ourselves or our true passions when they are often so very obvious to others. Blind Spots, or we disregard them because they come 'naturally' or 'effortlessly' or we judge them, or, or [ add what you personally do...]

I feel that due to being so disconnected from my soul in general in the past, that it was actually quite difficult to see our (Me and My soulmate) soul's true nature and gifts.

Also I was having a bit of a giggle about some of the things I have thought my 'big' passions were, in contrast to what the gifts our soul has been given by God... like being a shoe maker. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy shoe making and creative expression in general, but I feel so differently than I did three years ago about it. I also feel grateful that I began and actually experimented and pursued shoe making as it led naturally to teaching workshops and opportunities that I didn't anticipate. I have been reflecting on the process of pursuing a desire and what I did as I feel that if I can replicate that in other areas that I find more difficult it could be very helpful (maybe more of that to come in future).

Thanks to your and Jesus' encouragement and 'leading' reflection suggestions to us about:
* what are our long term desires?
* what would we love to do for our whole existence, not just while on the Earth plane?
* what we would be doing in the spirit world FOREVER?
* And putting all our efforts into reaching those desires and goals

As you know this has rocked my socks off and I found that I really didn't have a clue and had fears exposed (feeling about what our soul's desires and forever passions are and I am still challenged by forever existence and get caught in the earthly one). But with time I am discovering new and different areas that I feel quietly excited about. I just didn't think they were 'real desires', or I was totally unaware of them. Some of these 'quieter desires' I am beginning to discover and feel growing within me are not 'approved of' by my family, or other people who I have been very emotionally invested in. I feel it is a sad reality that occurs in many people and it is stopping us from fully exploring and being our true selves totally living our passions!

xo Eloisa

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Re: 'Finding' Passion & Desire & The Use of Our Will

Post by Maxine » Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:58 pm

Thank you Mary. I loved that article. Made me laugh - both from his style of writing and its punchy truth!

So true - the energy we waste moaning we don't know what to do could be used for experimenting. I think we also judge the experimenting too. We might try a number of things and then not like them and feel we have failed at finding our passion.

And I agree those family beliefs! I loved art and writing as a child, but it wasn't a proper job and my mother never thought my art was that good. So after I left school I did do art for 25 years. I kept writing, but kept it a secret. Crazy and sad! A common story though.

Thanks to Divine Truth I now am doing them both again. Like he said just do it. This year I put a small sketchbook in my bag and few pencils and just started drawing and this time I had no thoughts about outcomes, earnings or others views. It was just playtime! Then I got offered a job running creative workshops for adults with learning disabilities. They are great teachers of simple pleasure and joy doing what they love. So a double whammy for me!

Maxine x

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