Creating a local gift economy

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Re: Creating a local gift economy

Post by Mianoel » Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:17 am

Thanks to all for these posts.

To Anita: thanks for sharing. I resonate with what you are saying.
and the emotion that I will never get any either.
I am in complete denial of truth because I feel it's beyond my control if no one wants to pay for what i offer. Actually no, that IS actually true.
I just don't understand that none of my projects has ever been well received no matter how much I have put into them, or how much I know it can benefit others.
I would like to know how to get to touch the emotions causing this issue instead of each time just blocking on "I just don't get it…"

Does someone have any advice on how to get past this block and closer to emotions?

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Re: Creating a local gift economy

Post by Lena » Fri Dec 11, 2015 10:59 am

Mianoel wrote: I would like to know how to get to touch the emotions causing this issue instead of each time just blocking on "I just don't get it…"

Does someone have any advice on how to get past this block and closer to emotions?
Hi Mianoel,

I feel you may be using the "I just don't get it" to avoid feeling the feelings which the law of attraction is bringing you.
What I mean is, that if nobody appreciates you for long enough, it is guranteed to bring up some emotional responses in yourself. Which you can choose to feel and release.

But I feel instead you panic about the law of attraction or better say the feelings that come up from the event, and throw in the towel, that you just don't get what is happening. Have you ever considered that you may be afraid to feel curtain things more than others? I recon it would be good to do an analysis about what issues you are likely to feel blocked about or say that you don't get them...?

And I also feel it may benefit you, next time to experiment with a different approach, instead of backing away from your true emotional response to the situation and go into a panic-y state which feels like a block, maybe try to remind yourself that you must be very afraid to feel what the event is showing you about yourself.
I think it is a step closer to feeling the truth than stating to yourself that you don't get what is happening.

"I just don't get it"... I know how this was my big tantrum for a while. I was 'stuck' in it by choice for a while, thinking to myself when is it that I finally get things.
But the reality is that I never really got anything while in that place, I only got things when I chose to be more honest about how I was really feeling.
Also I, on a regular basis,have these huge melt downs, about just how little I know about life, God, how things work etc. I usually have these meltdowns after I hear some new truth that I completely do not understand emotionally and when everything inside of me is screaming how can it be....
These big emotional waves used to freak me out completely, but I have noticed that when I allow myself to feel them fully, I feel open and emotional for a few weeks that follow, and I also don't have as many of these tantrums about not getting things either.

Not sure if this is going to be of any help to you,



In the recent Partner Relationship session 4, Jesus & Mary discuss how my arrogance ruin my relationship (substitute here with whatever else, like life).
But I thought that this bit was very relavant to what Mia is asking about:
"If I stopped judging the attraction I would then be more likely able to understand and feel the attraction".

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Re: Creating a local gift economy

Post by maureen » Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:10 pm


I just thought to add on the overall subject of "creating a local gift economy" that one place I have found where I can work on my own development and desires around this potential for the world without projecting onto the world around me to "become" something to work on my own issues around gifting myself. This includes how, when and where I am gifting things and what passions I have that I can start engaging in ways that will truly be gifts to others now and into the, without any expectations or demands to get something in return. And, also, how I can transform things I have been already engaging in my life into being pure gifts that I might offer.

Also, I just work on feeling my emotions about being born into a world that is so out of harmony with God's truth and love on this issue...and how, in my avoidance of that grief/terror/pain/conflict within my own soul...I have been unloving to myself by avoiding responsibility for my own material life (as a way of "rejecting" the unloving things I felt to be true about the current material/capitalist paradigm ~ which I actually believed was the loving thing to do because it was an act of rejection and defiance of something I knew was fundamentally off and unloving), etc. and I have been projecting demands onto others to get me out of this predicament (by taking care of me as though I am a baby really a 140 pound 55 year old baby! not a very attractive image (let alone demand) I was sending out there to world to care for me...that's a pretty big baby!!! and not a very nice baby either :shock: ).

So, those two things I can work with without harming others. I pray to God to help me find my way to becoming 100% responsible for myself (my material life, resources, finances, etc) inside of an unloving world. And, I work to cultivate the seeds of desire I have and try to bring those forward and into being within a gifting paradigm (inside my own heart/soul). Plus, I am working to purify my own motives around giving, etc. by praying to God to help me to see the truth about where I am still pretty confused.

In other words, I can't "demand" (through emotional projections) that my mechanic gift his services to me so that I don't have to go into the working world to get money to pay him. In fact, in his case, he is actually growing in love by charging more these days in order to support his young growing family. So, I can feel that I need to arrive into those exchanges with my side of equation worked out. So, that I can be loving and appreciative of his work. He is always so loving toward me when he provides that expert help. And, if I project my crisis of confusion about the unloving nature of the material world onto him, by not being fair and appreciative and "clean" in those interactions, then that itself is not a step forward on the road to a more loving "economy."

Still, regardless of what is going on in the world "out there", I can grow my own desire to give where I can and become more loving in all my exchanges. And this, I believe, is where we can contribute to bringing about a better world...based on gifting.

It has been quite counter-intuitive for me. I was at first so happy to hear Jesus confirm that a gifting economy was in harmony with God....and thought yay! I can scramble my way into the world he is creating and never have to face my own unhealed injuries around these things. But, I soon could feel that was not true. Especially when he mentioned that all important truth that God wants every single one of his children to take full responsibility for their lives.

Which in my case means moving toward that unloving world in order to align with God and discover what is unhealed still in my own soul about all this stuff.


p.s. I just realized too that I can start to be more appreciative of the gifts I do receive...because that will surely be a part of the nature of a "gifting economy" well. :idea:

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Re: Creating a local gift economy

Post by Mianoel » Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:53 pm

Thank you very much Lena,
It DEFINITELY does help. Especially the change in statement.
I will be trying this out and rereading your post.
I definitely AM afraid to feel about what is really there.
Will be exploring,



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