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Desire to teach Divine Truth

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:26 am
by Patricia Sanders
I often have questions that I work on answering myself through journaling, asking my guides, watching videos, and praying. That has felt more loving than involving other people in the process. But it’s just occurred to me that it might be loving to post them on here, so that others can consider them.

I have two related questions about engaging desires:

1) Would it be loving to go ahead and engage a desire to teach Divine Truth when I have so many errors still in my soul? I do engage the desire in ways that I feel I can do without teaching error (e.g. setting up websites and working on recording the Lees books).

I limit my engagement of this desire really because it brings up a lot of fears. Going ahead and engaging the desire would be one way to challenge the fear, but then it seems likely that I would teach error. So logically it seems that I should wait until I have a better relationship with God. I’m currently receiving only tiny bits of Divine Love.

I feel the loving thing to do would be to find other ways to feel through these fears, without involving other people in the process, and then pursue the desire later, when I can do so with less likelihood of teaching error. It doesn’t seem like a loving thing to use engagement of the desire to challenge my fear, when there is a high likelihood of teaching errors.

2) Would it be loving to go ahead and get in touch with someone I believe might be my soul mate, when the soul mate part of my soul isn’t open yet? I think he might be my soul mate based on logical evidence, not on feeling it. I have a desire to do this, but it seems to me that if I contacted him now, it would only be on the basis of injuries.

It seems to me that since he is not already being attracted into my life (as far as I know!), that means I have errors that are repelling him, and that it would be loving for me to clear up these injuries before I contact him. Then, also, I would KNOW whether he is my soul mate.

So the underlying question is about engaging desires that involve other people, that are currently impure, and whether that's a loving thing to do. I feel not. However, I feel we must be humble about it all (not just use this as an excuse not to challenge our fears), and really respect our desires and do the work necessary to be able to engage them lovingly.

Thank you,

Re: Desire to teach Divine Truth

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:17 pm
by maureen
HI Patricia...on number 1. I find that what Jesus teaches is very very true about how when we go ahead and engage our desires, that is the place where God can teach us most powerfully about the things we still need to heal and, in that very process of engagement, our desires are purified. And that when we wait to be perfect before we engage our desires, we are often limited and stunting our own growth on levels that are really huge...and we don't know how much we can learn about these things unless we just go forward even though we are afraid.

Like, with Mary, I've been clipping from the very first presentations she stepped into and when she began co-teaching with Jesus. She is quite shy and timid about her views as she is sharing with audience...and it is awesome that she was willing then to just be courageous and begin. Even it she felt she was "imperfect" in her contributions...because those were the essential first steps that led to where she and Jesus are now in their collaborative presentations...where she still is open and growing and learning...but is so much more confident and at ease. She would never be where she is now if she had not dipped her toe in the water when she too was frightened and felt inadequate to contribute meaningfully, yet had a strong desire and passion to help these truths to be shared with the world.

I think there are many ways to jump in there in loving ways....and you can always be honest and forthright about what you feel about your own current soul condition and relationship to any given part of the teachings. So, say if you want to share videos with the public, you can just share a little about your own journey thus far, and if there are things that you are only understanding intellectually and have yet to come to know the truth of emotionally and on the soul level, you can just be truthful about that too.

I think it is loving to follow these desires...and God does not expect us to be perfect...even if others do (or we fear they will).


Re: Desire to teach Divine Truth

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:42 pm
by Lena
Hi Patricia,

I thought to recommend this video, by Jesus and Mary giving feedback to Graham and Rui on the similar subject of taking responsibility for our own desires: ... QG5HeSIH4Q

I hope you may find some answers in it.


Re: Desire to teach Divine Truth

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 2:02 am
by Patricia Sanders

Thank you for the reply.

Just thinking about this topic has brought home to me how much fear gets in the way of being loving. When I have fear about anything, I can't clearly feel what the loving course of action is.

I definitely see, too, that Jesus never waited until he was perfected in love to start teaching. And I'm so glad he didn't.

Being really humble during the entire process does seem essential--about my own experiences and soul condition and what I really know or feel, myself.


Thank you for the suggestion. I've watched it before but, since you suggested it, will look again to see if there's something more for me on a second viewing. I'm sure there will be!


Re: Desire to teach Divine Truth

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:52 am
by Mary
Hey everyone,

This thread caught my eye as it reminded me of some correspondence I had had with someone semi-recently on this very topic.

I thought it might be helpful to share our email exchange to highlight, through a practical example, some of the important considerations relating to teaching Divine Truth.

This info doesn't contradict other people's postings in this thread, and nor is it directly aimed towards Patricia, I just thought this might be a good place to share some basic principles about teaching Divine Truth.

General Principles to Consider:

1. If a person is not first living Divine Truth principles, then there is no way that they can teach them. Or, put another way, if you are 'teaching' Divine Truth while acting out of harmony with love, truth, ethics and humility, then you aren't teaching anything at all, and are simply in an addiction.

2. When a desire is pure the law of attraction will bring you opportunities to engage that desire. However, keep in mind that these opportunities may not take the form that you predict or that feel 'safe'!

(Also, if you are driven by addiction, you might rationalize that certain things in your life are positive 'attractions' encouraging you down a path to follow that 'desire' when in fact you are just justifying acting in your addiction. The key here is to be sensitive to your own desires, your self deception vs. truthfulness with self, and about the actual calibre of the opportunity on offer - e.g. is it an opportunity to feed an addiction in yourself or others, or is it an opportunity to give, to grow and to love).

My Email Exchange with M____:
Dear Mary and Jesus,

I realise I am still having fears/blocks in writing to Jesus. It is so weird that I watch the videos and feel such love and humility in you Jesus, but have an absolute fear about writing to you so right now I am aware that by writing to Mary it feels "safer" but face a little of the fear by addressing it to Jesus too - feeling it as I write.

But I have a very specific thing I would value your views/truth on. Lately, I have an every increasing desire to share divine truth. I have been sharing bits at work. I work with young people and have found them to be so open to hearing about spirit world and I realise I need to share more truth with them, though it may put my job at risk, as I am not meant to share my personal beliefs. I attracted a job that contained some desire, but is also full of my addictions so I am feeling into all this at the moment. However, I have had stronger feelings to share in different way and imagined finding a small hall, sending out a flyer or a poster and seeing who would come and sharing what you have shared with me. ( I would really love to do this with adolescents too) I have a fear of talking in front of groups and yet dream of it too. But my biggest concern is my current soul condition. I realise I am still in huge facade and addictions. I have a some will to love I believe, but huge fears about feeling overwhelmed. Today I asked Robby to channel some spirits who are with me and I feel as a heavy painful energy on my spin and shoulders. I met a female spirit who was not in a good condition and found it funny that she could distract me and pull my strings easily. She has been with me for a long time - with my emotions of fear of failure and not feeling good enough etc. It explains why I sometimes step into my desires but don't embrace them fully, but this time I don't want to do that.. I just want to follow this growing desire to share divine truth and face the LOA that would come with it. However, I will wait if you feel I need to be in a better condition to do so as I don't want to taint the teachings, but I would like to make a start and challenge my addictions/ facades and fears.

I would be very grateful for any truth you feel you would like to share.

with gratitude and love

Hi M_______,

Mary here.

I'd be happy to offer you some feedback from what I see and feel in your email.

First off, you definitely don't need our approval on your spiritual condition before you follow your desires to share Divine Truth. Your desire to get our feedback before doing so is addictive. That is, you are wanting to avoid some fears and gain 'Daddy's approval' for doing what you want to do. In part, this helps you feel that you can avoid some of the responsibility for what happens if you do follow your desire and it doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to or goes badly etc. You are also trying to have us exercise some authority over you which is totally in opposition to what we teach which is for you to engage your own will to do what you desire and engage with God in a process of learning and growth via your experiments.

We believe that Divine Truth is a gift and that everyone is free to use that gift however they wish to. We don't own the truth - it was given to us by God and we want to pass on the gift of our experience with that Truth to others only because we feel it is so valuable and we hope to inspire others to engage with God in an experiment of their own (not to just take our word for it).

I feel that when people truly value that gift of God's Truth and are embracing a state of humility and are willing to face their fears then they will naturally be drawn into sharing Divine Truth themselves - but in that instance they would do so without addiction.

The issue that already stands out for me on reading your email is that you are already being dishonest and unethical in the way that you are currently sharing Divine Truth in your workplace.

You are sharing your beliefs in your work environment when you have made an agreement that you would not do this. This action in itself is very out of harmony with Divine Truth. If I were you I would be looking at what rebellious and addictive emotion is driving you to share Divine Truth in an environment in which you have stated that you would not. Your actions, since they are out of harmony with Truth, create a barrier to your relationship with God and discovering and healing these emotion will not only assist your relationship with God but also help you uncover your true motivations for wanting to share Divine Truth with others.

For example, many people are driven by the desire to not feel alone in their discovery of God's Truth and so they want to tell other people about it so that other people will 'join' them. In this instance, the desire to share Divine Truth is based on an addictive emotion of wanting to avoid loneliness. While at the moment you live with a partner who says that he has an interest in Divine Truth, I don't feel that his sentiment is sincere (he is more interested in being cared for by you and staying in his addictions with spirits) and you do in fact feel quite alone in your quest for God's Truth and healing.

Also, it can be easy to 'take advantage' of a work situation where people who will listen to you are brought into your company every day (e.g. the young people that you work with) and rather than face the fear of putting yourself out there (in a town hall with an unknown audience) it can feel 'easier' to break your personal agreements about sharing your belief systems and just talk to your captive and sometimes needy audience. This neglects the basic principles of Divine Truth (you are being dishonest with your employer) and you get to share what you are passionate about with people who aren't necessarily asking to be spiritually educated. You do all this without facing any of your own personal fears.

Your actions at work are quite a rebellion at your employer's authority and (depending on how you are sharing with these young people) this is also an abuse of your position of authority over the people in your care. God is the ultimate authority in the universe and while we may rebel at His Laws this only leads to our pain and ultimately if we want to be happy we come to LOVE His Authority! So it does seem that you have some unhealed emotions about authority to deal with.

While some of your motivations to share Divine Truth may be pure, at the moment they are obscured by addictions. Healing these will help you to get clearer about what you want to do, why you want to do it and also get closer to God.

I feel that hiring a hall and having a go at presenting some truth to members of the public - very humbly acknowledging your own condition and progress (or lack of progress) on the truth you speak about - would definitely help you work through some fears and to challenge your addictions. However if you do this without a desire to feel those fears and challenge the addictions you have then it probably won't go very well for you or the audience and you will quickly loose interest in doing it again (speaking here as a sister who has experience of what happens when you approach sharing Divine Truth in addiction vs. wanting to challenge addiction!).

I haven't involved Jesus in the writing of this email as I do feel that you are in addiction in the way you emailed us - that is, I feel that you would really like a response from him but don't want to face the fear of emailing him directly. By emailing me and addressing the email to both of us you are actually attempting to 'enlist' me to assist you in getting his attention. So, while we share everything and he knows I am emailing you, I haven't gotten his input because I feel to do so would be helping you avoid your fears and complying with your manipulation.

I hope that my feedback helps you gain some clarity and engage some more self-reflection about the issues of ethics and about sharing Divine Truth with others.
Hi again M______,
Just a couple of things I thought to add:
First, I had a quick word with Jesus and he did point out that the law of attraction will begin to bring you opportunities to share Divine Truth when your soul is ready and more purely desiring to teach. So, for example you will attract people asking you about what you believe or even asking you to give short talks on the subject.

This is very different to you speaking with the kids who are in your care who have not been attracted to you for any other reason than you working with them. Also, my suggestion that you hire a hall and give a talk is ignoring that the law of attraction is not already presenting you with loving opportunities to share what you have heard about God, Love etc and so is not good advice!

Second, I just wanted to encourage you in resolving these issues. I took the time to respond to you because I believe that you have some sincerity about growing your relationship with God and healing your soul. So just remember that these issues are stepping stones, things to work through, that will make the way clearer and easier the more you work through them.

Lots of love,

Re: Desire to teach Divine Truth

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:44 am
by Lena
Hi Mary,

Thanks for your post.
I have been feeling a lot about my feelings towards God, and just reading your correspondence, made me feel even more just how much I still keep my heart hidden, afraid of exposing it and what I really feel to the world.
I realise how this effects what people feel from me, so as my ability to gift anything from my heart.

I am excited to see what change it may bring, just working through this fear.