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The "tools" Forgiveness and Repentance

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:06 pm
by Anna S
I would like to share my practice with Forgiveness and Repentance both in the hope that it could be an inspiration to you to start to practice Repentance and Forgiveness and also to hear from you who have similar experiences, to learn from you.

I have been looking at Assistance group 1 and 2 presentations of Forgiveness and Repentance several times. 5-6 weeks ago I decided to start to explore/practice Forgiveness and Repentance. I changed the sentence about God opening my heart in the prayer for God’s Love to: I pray that you show me what I need to Forgive and Repent, so I can open up my heart to the inflowing of your Love (though in Swedish). So in that way I started to ask God daily for education and support to Forgive and Repent.

Situations where I have been unloving and unethical emerged in my mind and in my attractions in life and I prayed to also understand and feel the cause in me that I could act in such unloving ways.

I started to feel gray, unhappy, downhearted -> deeply unhappy -> deeply desperate unhappy. After some time, often days, I got in contact with sadness, hurt and pain and had a big cry. This lasted only for minutes, but felt very deep. And then I had a "resting" day or two of feeling relieved, softer, joy, at peace, lighter, calmer, interested in things again and feelings like that. Then the procedure started from the beginning again, feeling gray, unhappy and downhearted.

The Personal Truth session with Justin in Assistance group 2, has helped me a lot, realizing that I am feeling unhappy because my addictions are not being met (related to my soul-mate) and that I have to repent my expectations towards him and search the causal hurt in relation to my parents. Thank you Justin for being brave and expose yourself and your condition in a Personal Truth session with Jesus and in that way helping me!

The latest (definitely not the last) breakthrough started with me becoming furious (a chocking experience) on a begging lady (who rather aggressively indicated that she wanted more money from me than I had given her) and ended with a strong feeling of pain and sadness “whatever I do it is not enough” related to my mother’s need of having me present with her. . . Writing this I suddenly realize/feel that this is exactly what I often feel towards my soul-mate. I want to spend more time together with him than he has the possibility and/or desire to spend with me! Hurray – now I can explore and feel more about that – he is probably feeling my expectations on him as draining and icky as I felt my mother’s on me!!

The very odd thing is that after having these breakthroughs and feeling overwhelmed with sadness and pain it feels as if I am lacking something, I don’t recognize myself fully. I feel confused, disoriented and as if I am different in some way. Things that I very strongly longed for I feel more neutral and freer about. One example: when I heard about the new Assistance Group series I felt a strong desire to attend to ALL 8 weeks. And then I felt really downhearted (it feels impossible to travel to Australia 8 times in 2 years). Now after having had the emotional experience of “whatever I do it is not enough” this feeling has softened. And I realize that the strong desire was more of an urge than a desire. I still feel a deep desire to attend the education in Love, but content and thankful that I can do it through YouTube and perhaps be present for one of the weeks. This feels as a very strange change in me and it seems to take days to adjust to this new version of myself after a breakthrough.

It has been and are a roller coaster experience, and if I am not fooling myself, these "resting" days will come more often and stay for longer periods if I continue to feel through what I need to forgive and repent.

Summarizing I strongly recommend everyone to practice Forgiveness and Repentance!
I find these concepts to be powerful tools to work with my addictions, facades and my hurt, and thereafter to feel happier, calmer, more content and freer in life. And I find the Assistance Group 1 and 2 about Forgiveness and Repentance extremely valuable to learn more about how to do.
It is definitely worth it!

THANK YOU Jesus, Mary and Cornelius for giving us such powerful knowledge about God´s laws and tools to practice!!! And thank you Jesus, Igor, Lena and all people involved to make it possible for me to attend via You Tube.

With Love

Re: The "tools" Forgiveness and Repentance

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:06 pm
by Anna S
I missed to put in the links in the text above.
Here you will find the first presentation (of three) of Forgiveness and Repentance in each group

20140715 Forgiveness & Repentance Concepts P1 Group 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRhGJRD ... e=youtu.be

20140803 Forgiveness & Repentance Concepts P1 Group 2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lJv2B0 ... e=youtu.be

With Love