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Re: forgiving

Post by Lena » Fri Jan 15, 2016 6:19 am


Accounts of spirit people who’s condition have been so poor to fit them only for the hells, namely the Spheres of Disharmony, show that even they can progress from the lowest of conditions to being within the Celestial Heavens, way above the highest sphere of the Natural Love spheres, within or around three or so years. Some achievements have been:

James Padgett entered the Celestial Heavens within 28 months of his passing.
Helen Padgett was in the Celestial Heavens within 12 months of passing.
Nita Padgett progressed from low 1st sphere to Celestial Heavens within 24 months of passing.
Emperor Nero progressed out of the low hells to Celestial Heavens by receiving Divine Love.
Emperor Julius Caesar moved from the hells to 3rd sphere within 19 months from receiving the Love.
George Butler progressed from the hells to the 3rd sphere within 38 months by receiving the Love.
President Grover Cleveland moved from dark spheres / hells to 3rd sphere in 20 months with Love.
R. Ross Perry progressed from the hells to 3rd sphere over 30 months by receiving the Love.

It is only the Love that forgives sin, dissolves the errors and fits a person for a higher habitat. Man, left to his own devises, can require many centuries to grow and then cannot enter the Celestial Heavens.

Man, can know and knows God only because he possesses a soul, and he can never know God if he seeks Him intellectually and with his mind alone. Doubt and speculation is a product of the mind, but faith is a product of the soul and we know that God exists through our soul perceptions, so that we can create the spiritual link with God through prayer. Not a mental prayer, but a prayer that comes from man's soul - earnest, sincere, full of longing, faith and love.
Hi Budi,

I have just come upon this thread.

And I want to ask where did you find these "facts" about specific spirits progressing in specified times throughout the spirit world?

I am questioning, as some of the things you are stating are actually not true, for example James Padget, according to Jesus, was earth bound for many years before he even made it to the spirit world, due to his desire for addictions.

So I am questioning the accuracy of the provided information.

I also question the relavence of your post to the proposed sunbject of forgiveness.
I can see that you are posting about workings of God's love and its power, but I can not see the direct link to forgiveness in your posting.

I am just mentioning because you may have wanted to make a point but have missed it.


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