God's Truth is immediate for me

It sets you free!
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God's Truth is immediate for me

Post by MikeCollier » Wed Sep 30, 2015 11:22 pm

Whenever I have the sincere desire for God's Truth about something, it comes to me almost immediately. This surprised me at first, and I almost dismissed it, because it was difficult for my ego to accept, yes, but also because I did not have to wait for it at all. I mean it came to me the instant I really wanted it.
I realize now this has been happening my whole life, but I have skipped over the Truth because I really didn't want it. In retrospect, I realize the Truth has been available to me all along. Some people call it 'having a conscious'. Am I wrong to use this terminology (knowing the difference between right and wrong, or sin and error, inately) ?
I am realizing, actually, just how much effort I have been putting into ignoring it, or glossing over it so I would not have to accept it. I realize how good I got at dismissing it.

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Re: God's Truth is immediate for me

Post by LisaQ » Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:40 pm

Hi Mike,

Thanks for bringing up this topic!

I've just been discovering the same thing that you mentioned in your post: that when I really, sincerely want to know God's Truth on a particular subject, and I long for this Truth, it can come to me rapidly.

For example, the other day I was deeply longing to know the cause of a physical issue I have (I've gone prematurely grey from age 40 onward). For months on end, my grey hair has bothered me, and I'd thought of writing Jesus and Mary about it (which I always dismissed as a very trivial question and poor use of their time).

So, the other day, I experimented. I sat down and calmed myself. Then I began to sincerely ask God to show me the cause of this issue.
Even before I'd finished the prayer, I began crying loudly and I was shown a picture of my father leaving me at age 5 and how it left me feeling unwanted/unworthy/unattractive as a female. Because I had an emotionally incestuous connection with my dad, when he suddenly left, I felt totally rejected for my physical appearance/sexuality/femaleness. And what God was showing me was that this was part of my hair going grey at an early age.
I still don't know if there are other pieces to this particular puzzle around grey hair, but I do feel a much larger amount of confidence that when I have a sincere longing (and willingness to feel any emotion that may arise), I will receive the answer from God.
What an empowering and faith building experience!

Just as a side note: I tried another question today, and ended up not getting any clear picture of God's Truth on the matter. But my sincere asking did help bring up the next layer of emotion blocking me to having the full truth enter me. I realize that I need to be patient in certain areas where there's a lot of injury (where it may be a longer process to have God's Truth fully enter me on that topic).

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Re: God's Truth is immediate for me

Post by julie_bennion » Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:21 am

Hi Guys ~
This is quite something!
I read Mike's post & question here a few weeks ago, feeling very much Yes, to what you are suggesting ~ our Conscience, akin to the Holy Spirit, is the avenue through which God's Truth (and with the Holy Spirit, God's Love) enters us. At the time, I was taking a break from posting anything, while feeling & reflecting on my responses to various discussions. But now I'm feeling drawn to share a bunch (while still feeling a whole bunch!!).

So, the "This is quite something!" has to do with a film I watched last night which, on the whole was very disturbing, with glimpses into possible redemption for the characters (mostly teenagers & parents) who were the most damaged. There was a scene where a visiting professor was speaking to a large teenage audience in the school auditorium, where he was elucidating the teens on matters more broad, more consequential than their daily dose of education. Somewhere in there I heard him say these words:

"Conscience is the Voice of God, and the Nature and Heart of man." I was so struck by this, I had to reverse the dvd to hear it again & write it down, verbatim. I didn't know what I'd do with it, except ruminate some more; But this evening I came back here to see what Lisa had to say :D , and Ah Ha!, once again, I found the broader, more consequential LoA at work, bringing me to my knees, to feel the ground of Another Gracious Gift From God ~ my Conscience.

I love being a part of The Hub for Divine Truth!! I will do my best to play a good part!
Thanks You Guys!!

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