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Galvanic electric Current to disconnect spirits

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:03 am
by Benjamingp

i heard Jesus speak about devices called "galvanic foot bath" which sends a small electrical current through the body that disconnects spirits from our body temporarily. Also i read parts of the books "30 Years amongst dead" by Dr. Carl A. Wickland, M.D. from 1924 in which he uses also electric current to "free" his clients from spirits and work with them afterwards.

I´m interested in such a device knowing that this is not a "solution" to ged rid of spirit influence because the cause for the (spirit) influence is inside myself.
I´d like to experience with this. I´m curious if i could feel any difference before and after the treatment. I believe it could help me to understand things better, and i may could learn also to give help to the spirits, but i´m not sure if i´m mediumistic.

So i did research and found some devices in the internet, but i´d like to know the background also, like which parameters of voltage and current are needed and so on. May be i could "build" a device which is specialized to the spirit issue which can sort of "ramp up" the power so that it is not as painful for the spirits and so on.

Therefore my question: Dos anybody know more about this topic with regards to the technical aspect, but also to ethical aspects, how to treat the spirits and myself afterwards?

Since i love to experiment with things, and as i grow can do this more and more lovingly, i´d like to get more informations and maybe meet others with similar interests.
As i learn more and more, the greatest and most beneficial experiment is to experiment with the relationship with god.

Re: Galvanic electric Current to disconnect spirits

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:59 am
by Teresa French
Hi Ben,

I have never tried this, but from the discussions I have seen in the past about this, it actually hurts the spirits quite a lot, so I for one, have been put off trying it. I know Graham has mentioned that he has tried it and I believe come to the same conclusion - I will be seeing him in a couple of days I believe, so shall mention your post to him.


Re: Galvanic electric Current to disconnect spirits

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:52 am
by Max
Hi Benjamin

The person I work with has a galvanic foot bath which I've used a couple of times to test any change in how I felt during its use. I can't say I felt any different during or after.

I had a patient last year who suffers from schizophrenia, he often heard voices that spoke to him very negatively. He also felt that his "aura was permanently enmeshed with another entity" which drained him of energy tremendously. He also had experiences of a "brain probe" being inserted into his head.

I had just finished reading 30 years among the dead and suggested that the current from the foot bath may be able to dislodge the entity that he feels is enmeshed within his bodies energetic field. He agreed and had three treatments, each in increasing doses of electrical charge. He felt no change with any of his symptoms. The machine was working and he could feel the tingling from the current but unfortunately it had no effect on any of his symptoms. I'm not sure if the machine the doctor was using in the book 30 years among the dead was of a different voltage or current.

I'm also interested in the experiences that other people have had using mild electrical current and what they noticed with the current and voltage used.


Re: Galvanic electric Current to disconnect spirits

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:29 am
by Elvira
Hi Benjamin,

I personally have some reservations about using electronic devices to detach from spirits.

Some years ago I had treatments which involved electric currents through my body, I used to feel good during the treatment but awful the rest of the time, which was put down to my body getting rid of toxins. On one occasion after the treatment I lost use of my body (I think I had adjusted the settings). Looking back I think spirits with me attacked me as punishment for using the treatment and wanted me to stop the treatment.

At one stage I did think it would be interesting to experiment with it but am wondering now if it involves violently going against the will of spirits involved. The best way to unravel spirit influence is to look at your general addictions and addictions with people on earth and unravel them because the attractions and addictions with spirits are pretty much the same.

All my best Elvira

Re: Galvanic electric Current to disconnect spirits

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:49 pm
by Benjamingp
Hi again,

thank you for the responses. I´m still not sure if i want to investigate the galvanic current without knowing more about it, therefore i did not response back very soon.

So there are quite different experiences with the treatment as i can conclude from the responses. From "no response et al" to "awful".

Elvira, you wrote that you felt awful after the treatment. What do you mean by saying "lost control of your body"? Do you think the spirits are forced away from the body, but can connect again after the treatment? That would make the treatment not very effective unless the spirit is "nursed" through the process and asked to go to the spirit world. That would mean, that the only logical treatment would involve mediumship as described in the "30 years amongst dead".

Is it possible that a awful feeling is there after the treatment because we in a way "enjoyed" the attachment at a soul level (cause otherwise we would not have engaged it) and suddenly this "addiction" is not met any more?

Do you think it would be loving to force a disconnection from the spirit even without supporting them after the treatment?

I´m not sure if this is the case. At one hand there is the love of self which would restrict any violent action against myself, bodies or soul, even when something inside of me allowed the violence. At the other hand it would surely be "better" (more loving, the best "way") to resolve the issues inside myself so that there are no more hooks coming out of me which would allow violence against myself.

That is the reason why it is in the "Experimentation basket", and so i´m interested in it. I´m curious how it would feel without any spirit "around" (interfering with myself).

There are several devices available at the market called like galvanic current devices (I do not know the accurate translation) for 300 to 500 € I probably would consider to buy such a device if i knew that this would be the "right" device which they probably are.
If i had even more technical informations as which current feels a certain way for the spirits, and if the treatment affect every type of spirit attachment i would like to start to build a specific device which may be as less harmful as possible for the spirits (because as i heard they often do not even be aware of their situation), if it would differ from the available galvanic current devices.

So, my question is (as i already asked in the original post) if anybody knew what currents are needed, and maybe at which currents it would be hurtful for the spirit people. Maybe one of you owning such a device (or have access to) would read in the description at which currents it is working?
I´d also like to hear more experiences with this regard.

Re: Galvanic electric Current to disconnect spirits

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:12 pm
by Elvira
Hi Benjamin

when I used an electric current it was with a medical device intended to treat chronic fatigue; and this was before I heard about God's way or spirit influence. I should have been clearer explaining that. I applied in retrospect what I think may have been happening. By losing control of my body, I mean the life actually drained out of me where I couldn't say even move my arm, I was dizzy disorientated, nauseous..... I think spirits with me were angry about the treatment and how it may have impacted them and violently attacked me in their rage. I suspect the intention was for me to stop the treatment because they were an ongoing thing ie a few times a week. I don't understand what physically happens but it seems that there would be no reason why a spirit would not be able to continue to physically impact or emotionally influence a person once you stop the electrical current.

The difficulty that I see with supporting a spirit through the process is that if I haven't dealt with the emotions which created the attraction it would not be possible to counsel a spirit and when you have dealt with the emotion the spirit would leave anyway.

I can understand your curiosity in wanting to experiment with this. I know when I first heard about spirit influence, I was furious. I thought the whole system was flawed, that I could be attacked and influenced by people I couldn't see or hear. I can't say I am good with it all because I still get attacked a lot but I am beginning to see the love in God's design. For me personally spirit attack, be it physical or helping me self punish puts a spotlight on all the things I have refused to feel. I think without spirit influence I could have used my very considerable will power to push through my life without ever stopping to feel or love. It would also mean that we would not be open to love and help from loving spirits.

Re: Galvanic electric Current to disconnect spirits

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:13 pm
by Elvira
Sorry forgot to sign off.

All my best