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Moving through the spheres here on Earth

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:36 pm
by Anneli
I was thinking about something regarding the spheres. I've heard from Yeshua in a video that he is in the 6th sphere and has been for some years now. I'm really curious about the different aspects of love that we need to grow into to develop and move into the next sphere above where we are at right now.

From what I've learned now, the second sphere is about not being fear dominated in life any longer. There can still be fears, naturally, but they are not allowed to dominate one's decisions any more.

And to move further on into the third sphere, there is a need for us to value truth so much that we could even choose to die, rather than lie about what we feel is true.

After this, I only have a vague recollection about the fifth sphere being about learning the truth about our soulmate, who it is and that he or she exists at all.

In the sixth sphere I understand that we are "perfect human beings", like in the place where Amon and Aman was created, and also where Yeshua was born in the 1st century, as well as where he is today. This would, to me, mean to love all human beings without judging them, but I would be glad to hear a more accurate description.

The 7th sphere does not feel obvious to me, but I do remember it being about acknowledging God's presence - without that acknowledgment we could never move beyond the 6th sphere in the 1st place (sorry, couldn't help it... And I can't help but notice how "sixth" and "eighth" are the hardest for me to pronounce, hinting to me about where the hardest borders to cross may be :ugeek: ;) )

And, of course, the 8th sphere, that so very distant and shiny destination on all our maps :) The place where you can love all life on Earth and in the Spirit world the way God loves it/them/us, and also know the truth about everybody's soul conditions.

Considering how blessed we all are, being able to listen live and in the present to the two most loving persons that has ever lived on Earth, it makes me wonder - won't it be considerably easier to progress through at least the first spheres for us, compared to all the people throughout history who has not had this extremely valuable "manual" at hand as guidance, provided to us by Yeshua and Miriam (and also Cornelius, and perhaps others that I haven't learned about yet?)?

I'm asking, becasue I feel like I may have hit the second sphere, and this feels very much like a blasphemy to believe, considering that so few people in history has made it there before passing over into the spirit world. (Like: "WHAT did she just say?? Oh my GOD, tell me she didn't say that!! How COULD she???!!!)

It was a few months ago, and I had released some emotions from childhood injuries (also inherited ones) over a period of time, when I just felt a new kind of calm coming over me, and I didn't feel as "jumpy" inside about what may lie ahead of me, around the next corner. I did feel that fear is an emotion, like anger or joy, and that I will be able to feel through it when it surfaces, and that this is all that I really can do, no matter what horrible things may happen. I kind of just knew the truth about this perspective on fear inside. That calm feeling has remained in me ever since. I'm not really jumping straight into fear whenever I can smell it just because of this inner change, but I'm not really "overrating" fear either, if that makes sense?

And, this must also mean, that there are many more than me that has made it at least to that sphere now already, among all who have listened to and implemented Divine Truth, and I would appreciate a lot to hear what others feel about this and themselves.
And if someone feels that "hey girl, glad you have all that self-confidence, but I can't feel that you are in the second sphere right now, so no, sorry", please let me know about it so I can feel through what you reckon is the actual truth instead, because as I mentioned - with all this time passing by and so many billions of people that have lived on Earth, and in spite of the clear road signs provided to us nowadays by Yeshua and company, this does feel kind of shameful to claim (ha, reminds me of our Swedish "Jantelagen", a horrible social acceptance of how no one should believe they are worth something special, basically). And still, this would only be the first little border to cross for all those spheres, so I'd really love to get somewhere sometime soon, if I've mistaken about this one right now! :D

Re: Moving through the spheres here on Earth

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:15 pm
by SoulDeep_
I feel that you are in the second sphere.

I know that's a very short and brief answer. I was prepared to write something a lot longer and more in depth, but then I realised that anything else I wanted to add was just going to be out of addiction 8-)

I guess explanations don't really matter in the end. It's not an intellectual process. We just need to use our souls to discern and feel.

Your thread is very interesting and you've mentioned some things that I've wondered about. I didn't know that Yeshua was in the 6th sphere. That's so cool. I've often been curious about what sphere he is in. I've never heard him talk about it in a video before. Do you remember which video it was? I'd love to watch it.

Yeshua mentioned in this clip here, that we can know who our soul mate is anywhere from the third sphere onwards:

I tend not to wonder much any more what sphere I'm in these days, although, I did when I was new to the path. The topic is a whole lot of fun, though :)

Re: Moving through the spheres here on Earth

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 6:27 pm
by Anneli
Hi there :)

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it! And I'll have a look at the clip you linked to, I like learning about the spheres in general as well. And if it actually is true that I've levelled up (haha, the kids in our family play online games, and there's a lot of talk about ranks and levels that I pick up on) to Sphere No. 2, then your tip about knowing about our soulmate in the third sphere doesn't feel so awfully far-fetched any longer. Although, being prepared to die for truth sounds a bit challenging, I must say :)

If I can find that video again where he talks about it I'll make sure to link to it here for you, I had been wondering for a while about his current condition, and days later it was answered through the video :) I found it intriguing (but not surprising!) that he is there now. We get to observe and feel what someone in the perfect human being state can be like, how amazing isn't that!? <3<3<3<3<3<3 (hehe, these heart symbols look like ice cream cones to me - I am so not out of addiction and into love instead yet!) :lol:

Re: Moving through the spheres here on Earth

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:58 pm
by Nicky
Hi guys

I've read through your comments and would just like to share a few things.

I feel what you are discussing about where you think you may be in terms of soul condition (spheres) has a large amount of danger attached.

I feel this because firstly, it is an addiction to think about where you feel your soul may be sphere wise as this actually takes you away from the real spiritual work of focusing on feeling emotions and actually shows a lack of humility to the process of growing towards God. It's more about looking at your progression as a process rather than looking at it in a goal-oriented fashion.

I spoke to Jesus about exactly this stuff over dinner one evening at the assistance group and he told me the exact same thing which I am sharing with you now as it was a trap I fell into myself early on in my progression, so I have some personal experience in this area.

Furthermore, it can be quite an arrogant stance to feel your soul is in a certain sphere when the likelihood is that you are probably inaccurate with your own assessment of things.

Also, SoulDeep_ (sorry I do not know your name at the moment), there is much danger with sharing with other people where you feel they currently are because if you are incorrect and either overstate or understate someone's actual condition, you can cause a lot of damage to that person for many reasons. Further to this, I can feel arrogance in your reply also, which is an addiction. I see that you already begun to sense this in yourself by writing that you don't want to share any more of your thoughts about where Anneli is currently but you still felt it necessary to tell her where you thought she was in the first line of your post. This shows a degree of compulsion in your post which is a key indicator that you were probably in addiction and also just because you tried to compensate in your post later on, it can't hide the feelings coming out of you.

Anneli, I feel what I have stated in the first part of my post above can be beneficial to you too. I hope what I have shared here helps.



Re: Moving through the spheres here on Earth

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:26 pm
by SoulDeep_
Hi Nicky,

I do appreciate your advice.

The reason I said I'd stop myself from saying more was because whatever else I had desired to add on at the time was off topic, just concerning something I had heard Jesus say in a video, and to be honest, I also couldn't be bothered to go into at that current time, as I was busy.

I totally agree that it can be an addiction to constantly think about where we are in the spheres, which is why I expressed at the end that these days I don't think about it hardly at all, and that is the honest truth. To be frank, I was going to say the exact same thing about it being an addiction.

Jesus has said in videos before, in one of the Brazilian talks, that there are tools we can use to see where we are, if one desired to do so. He said one of these tools was to see where we are in terms of love, and to look at ourselves humbly, how God sees us.

I hardly talk about the topic of spheres with anyone, and don't often think about where I am. I enjoyed some things that Anneli wrote in her post, and thought I'd chime in to just help answer her question and give some assistance, and I did some feeling before I answered it.

It's your free will if you feel I came across as arrogant, and I appreciate the input, although I'm going to have to disagree with you, as I do not feel the same feelings within myself at this current time.

Re: Moving through the spheres here on Earth

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:45 pm
by SoulDeep_
I also stopped myself from adding more, because I was about to start talking about how I came to know about Divine Truth, and thought it would be putting focus on myself instead of just sticking with Annelis' topic. It wasn't anything to do with holding myself back from saying anything concerning the posters life or their soul condition. I felt that was a wrong accusation against myself.

I've hardly been active here. I feel that on this path, many are so quick to always try and point out addictions in others in every little thing that is done or said. I'm not having a dig by saying that, it is just something I see happen on a regular occurrence. I do agree that it is loving and truthful to identify addictions and call them out for what they are, however, honestly, Jesus is the only one I've seen able to do it so far in an accurate manner. I don't mean to start a dispute by saying this. I just genuinely feel that some of your assessment above in some parts were inaccurate concerning my nature.

Re: Moving through the spheres here on Earth

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:31 am
by Anneli
Thank you very much, Nicky. This morning I finally turned to God directly, thanks to your feedback, instead of holding on to my "map" for dear life. I have had a few moments before when I have been receiving God's love, but they have also been quite short moments, and definitely from a place of not wanting to let go of my "precious" - the wheat formula - the only thing that I felt kept me fed and going and gave me a reason to do anything as a toddler, because no one around me could give me love, and God was so far away that I felt that He and She didn't matter to me.

I just went ahead and told God about all this, allowing everything to come up, even went through how little I wanted anything in life but the wheat formula. I felt how I have allowed myself to stay in my little corner in life, afraid to accidentally get the attention from my prison guards (some spirit people). I told God that I had no idea what He/She could offer me that would make me want to let go of the formula, the only safe place I had really felt existed in life, and that I really had no wish whatsoever to get any connection directly with God, because I really feared that I would end up not even wanting the formula anymore, and that I would need to release that need, so to speak, and then what could there be. (I don't drink wheat formula, but I keep eating white bread and pasta). I fully reconized that I don't even need or want any other desires in life, God included, than the wheat formula and my family to be left alone from trouble. These two have been my only actual desires for ages. Everything else has just been to entertain myself in my little "prison".

All in all, I'm really sorry that I kind of forced you to point this addiction out to me again, to keep the forum free from distractions and focused on love, especially since it was very related to my "being productive" addiction again, the same one I had going with that other forum that I had just started before finding this one, and almost immediately deleted after another, smaller emotional release. It should have been a hint to me that this was connected to the same one.

I feel now that the connection with God, where I receive God's love for me, is established for real, and that I am able to "pick it up where I dropped it the last time" now. This is the most precious thing that has ever happened to me. I didn't feel much of the actual "positive love bit" when receiving the love, rather I just felt that bond between us from my head, and I wept and cried and shivered and allowed all the bad stuff to leave me, because I wanted to make room for more of what God gave me. I also felt very much like a toddler in my connection with God. I felt that I reasoned on a very simple level, and that was perfectly fine with me to be there - it was the truth, and I could feel that I had to be in my truth to be able to keep this connection open. It lasted for quite a while, and I have never experienced such a long-lasting connection with God through His and Her love before, and not from that point of honesty in myself.

So thank you, very very much.

Re: Moving through the spheres here on Earth

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:21 am
by Alkhemst
Hi Anneli, I was just wondering if you still think you're on the 2nd sphere? For what it's worth, if the 2nd sphere is where fear doesn't drive my life, then Im nowhere near there at this stage. Anyway my goal for now is to progress bit by bit, just take small strides I know are real ones because I'm just realising that any leaps I thought I took were self deception and just want to get to the real me now. I'm kind of tired of this old facade.

Re: Moving through the spheres here on Earth

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:02 pm
by Nicky
Hi guys

I feel that due to what has gone on in this thread, I have locked it to avoid a continuance of the topic discussion as I feel there is addiction at play here with Anneli and SoulDeep_.

If you would like to find out more, you can follow the below link to the "Strikes" forum category.


Thanks everyone