Fear of an emotion & of being overwhelmed

An illusion yet feels so real
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Traci marsh
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Fear of an emotion & of being overwhelmed

Post by Traci marsh » Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:52 pm

This may or may not have to do with this topic
I sincerely desire your input ,I have watched ALOT
Of you and Jesus via YouTube and "thought" I
Had been "understanding" what is being taught,
I know I'm FAR from were I want to be spirituality
And not until I had feedback from Nicki had I ever had an emotional response, he suggested I may be in a codependent, relationship with a dark sprit
That I thought was god ( but still unsure),
Nicki's feedback, automatically made me feel
Massive amounts of emotions, I had no clue were
There or unwilling to admit, now I can't stop crying, I try to stop and I can't, I'm feeling an overwhelming greef and extreme fear if you could help me with understanding why greef,the fear is of these sprits and whatever denial, façade that is attracting them I would love to confront however
The pain or sadness, I'd rather feel pain than degrade my soul in any way that's even more scary your feedback would be soo helpful thank you

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