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Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:03 pm
by Jem
Is wanting security really an addiction? Aren't we programmed as humans to desire a state of safety, as in Maslow's hierarchy of needs? If a person thrives on constant change and uncertainty and seems to have no addiction to security, could that not be just their own version of security, as in, because of certain injuries, they distrust any situation or person which could make them feel secure? Also the same for other addictions, such as control. If a person seems to want no control over anyone else at all does this mean they have no addiction to control or that they have such an addiction to control that they're blocking themselves for needing control over anything or anyone because they know that in reality they don't have this control in the first place? Or it could be another addiction, like an addiction to uncertainty and risk?

Re: Security

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 4:33 am
by Max
Hi Jen, nice to meet you, I'd like to try to answer your question as best as I can.

I think the need and desire to create our own security and safety comes primarily from fear (one or more) and if someone doesn't want to feel that fear they will inevitably engage in addictions to avoid it. Our addictions are as many and varied as our fears, so yes someone who seeks constant change might be using that to avoid an emotion and therefore it's an addictive form of behaviour for them. In fact I'm sure there are people who engage in each and everyone of the examples you have given addictively in order to avoid feeling all sorts of unpleasant things. So I think sometimes it's hard to know if a persons behaviour is an addiction or not without first understanding their intention and desire for engaging that behaviour first.

I agree that we have been made (programmed) with certain instincts but the difference between what we would find desirable or attractive from a 6th level of perfected natural love (which is our true state of programming) is a far cry from the worlds current state of love and this distorts everything. We basically have very little idea of what our normal or healthy programming should be because we have corrupted it by such a substantial extent from its original state. Our attempt to understand ourselves through our science of psychology is flawed because the benchmark of what is normal and healthy is set from our current flawed condition. We presume that we have psychologically and morally improved from primates to our current state in an upward progression when in truth we have fallen from a place that had a far greater understanding of love then we do currently. So many of our behavioural sciences judge normality from our current flawed state. Even Maslow, who at least studied people who were valued contributors to society, was still flawed from a perfected natural love state.

"The Way" offers us a way out of this by allowing us to personally connect directly to the source of perfected love for guidance in what love would truly do in any situation we find ourselves in. So rather then focus on the external action, we would look at refining and perfecting our personal desire and intention behind our action with Gods help. So to come back to your very first question we could sincerely ask God if our desire for creating our own security, really an addiction. Then we could receive help in understanding why we don't feel secure in this perfect loving universe that has been created just for this reason and why we feel we need to control it all ourselves.

I hope that's of some help. With love


Re: Security

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 3:29 pm
by Jem
Hello, Max,

Good to meet you, as well and thank you for your response.

I can see I was asking the question from inside the little box of my physical self, not even thinking beyond this earth. It seemed so obvious when I read your words and I wondered why it hadn't been that obvious when I was pondering over the question!

I can only think it's due to my own injuries about security and safety as inside me it feels like 'well, why shouldn't I be safe and secure?' then justified by 'I'm programmed for, after all!'.

I've lived a lot of my life really feeling very insecure and unsafe, a place from which I've been easily led along and taken in. I do place too much trust in opinions of 'experts' of the world, blinded by their 'intelligence' to the point where I forget that, as you point out, they are also flawed.
I also identify a need for someone else to give me the answers.