The Compulsion Is Irresistible!

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The Compulsion Is Irresistible!

Post by Nicky » Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:24 pm

Identifying, accepting and processing through our emotional addictions is where real spiritual growth can start to occur.

Once we start facing personal truth, our addictions will start to be confronted in an intense way resulting in anger and rage probably being triggered. Processing through our addictions leads us into the deeper emotions of fear and grief, which when felt, allows healing to take place. When we are in this state, Divine Love and Truth can readily flow into our soul if we have a desire to receive them.

Removing addictions (which are all emotional, even the physical addictions have an emotional cause) is of paramount important to us if we wish to become a loving individual and develop our relationship with God.

This is why if any addictions start manifesting on these forums between yourselves and others, these will be brought to your attention as rapidly as possible. These forums have been created to assist the growth of all who participate. It is highly likely that you will be emotionally challenged at some point or another during your stay here (me included) and that's a good thing!

This category is a place where you can share ways in which you have tackled your addictions in a practical and positive way as well as the factors you had to come to terms with when facing them.


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