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facade going mad

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:35 pm
by Darragh

Recently i feel all those joys and entertainments fading away. It feels like i'm finally saying no to my facade. I'm feeling 2 of me. IT absolutely irritating at times. I feel like i'm going through puberty. or maybe a reverse of the process. Honestly I don't understand it. I've been getting irritated because i'm tending to my tomato plants and my garden rather than watching the football. I desire growing my own veg however i feel a battle between my own self and my 'window-self' to the world. So i'm willing to feel it. Just wondering how long this will take, well half of me is anyway. I think I've been causing all this by listening to audio book constantly in an attempt to flush out the facade and any spirits that accelerate the addictions of my facade. Whatever im feeling, I'll post about it at the end, whenever that will be.


Re: facade going mad

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:55 pm
by Nicky
Hi Darragh

I'd like to make you aware that a few of your latest forum posts have been coming from a place of addiction.

The creation and contents of this thread itself are addictive as well as the three latest posts in the below thread:


This latest forum activity is a different issue to what you were originally muted for, so no admin action is required at this moment in time, apart from me making you aware that there is an issue here for you to look at should you choose to.


Re: facade going mad

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:15 am
by Darragh
Hi Nicky,

Thanks for your comment. I did feel adiction. In what direction, I don't know. Other than utilising the time to do something other than feeling. I have been recently looking for truth mentor. something i can still do by myself by taking time to pray. i guess my comments have been inviting in nature or so with the desire to draw attention.

I feel no inherent negative reaction to your post Nicky. Gratitude I would wager as i'm happy to take it in, but feed the addiction, you did not. I appreciate the tip on the shoulder. I love taking about divint truth, god and such. So i have an addiction for companionship in that regard. A wanting to be corrected which i see is an addiction. Many dreams actually reflect this. This has given me an idea. Thought up all by myself, i think not. I'll make a box and get a small note pad. and write such comments on a page and post them in the box. That way, the answer can only come from love, influence facade etc. so not to ignore my long term friends or so to speak.

It feels like i come to a clearing and then look to be lost again to be found. I would like that to make snesce. That means to move on to me. I'm sure if i asked Jesus about 'Green dragons' and how to catch them, He might say, to stop chasing them in addiction because with a heart felt desire, they will come to you. I will do that

Thanks again.